Lights with X Ambassadors

The name Valerie Poxleitner might not mean anything to you, but perhaps Lights, the soulful Canadian electropop musician and singer-songwriter may strike a familiar chord. Lights is a twenty-seven year old gorgeous woman that is living proof you can have it all and keep moving forward. With three studio albums, a hipster attitude, bold career moves, her second album at No. 3 debut and gold sales in Canada, attendance at SXSW and a marriage to Beau Bokan with their beautiful daughter she is still making her way up. Starting her musical career at the age of fifteen gives her another unique spot in the industry, pushing through the viewpoint that young artists can’t make it past their teenage voice and stardom. If you’ve never heard of this artist and are into the music of Ellie Goulding, look into Lights and I bet you’ll want to come to The Waiting Room. X Ambassadors will also be performing and their alternative rock sound will put you in the mood, introducing Lights as they have many times before. What sets X Ambassadors apart in the rock genre is their alternative grasp and the stories behind the songs. With no gimmicks, a voice that rings true and rhythm that never quits this band is worth seeing. 


Sunday, February 15 

The Waiting Room, 6212 Maple Street

8:00 pm, $16 ADV/$18 DOS

Category: Music

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