All Young Girls Are Machine guns is the muscial project of Omaha singer-songwriter Rebecca Lowry. Since forming in 2008, AYGAMG has recorded three albums. First was 2010’s The Secret Attic Recordings, then came 2011’s self-titled release, which was followed by 2012’s Here’s Hopin Tomorrow Never Comes.

While AYGAMG’s recordings are excellent documents of a songwriter’s development and growth, a big part of the AYGAMG project has always been live performances. According to Lowry she goes back and forth on whether or not she prefers performing to songwriting, but currently she is a bit more smitten with performing.

“Blame that on the band finally feeling so much like family that it’s a safe place to experiment,” Lowry said.

Recently, Lowry has performed on recordings with Witness Tree, The Whipkey Three and Universe Contest. Lowry says that working with other bands has been a rewarding experience.

“This last year has been an absolute blast for me,” Lowry said. “Being able to work with first Witness Tree and Jeremy Garrett and just get all my wiles out, really belt something was fun. Being able to prove to a couple folks that I had a little bit of the Rock in me was fun.”

A few months later, local singer-songwriter Matt Whipkey sent her a song for his Penny Park: Omaha, NE.; Summer 1989 project.

“I swear he could have sent it to Etta James back in the 60s,” Lowry said. “That one is so much fun to perform live. Also, it was my first time getting so involved in a project that wasn’t mine. Penny Park is obscene in it’s goodness.”

Working with Lincoln’s Universe Contest was also an excellent experience.

“I went into the studio in Lincoln on Monday to record some vocals for Universe Contest and let me tell you, if you ever need a chance to just go buck wild on a song, those boys will give you the liberty. It was messy and all over the place and as fun as it gets.”

As for Sunday’s show, AYGAMG will be playing an unpredictable blend of songs, some familiar, some not, including some from a new Soul album that the band has been working on.

“There will be a few newer tunes that we’ve been working on since “Here’s Hopin’” that we’re excited to play, and one or two oldies,” Lowry said. “But we’ll probably center on more of our soulful songs.”

AYGAMG will be opening up for esteemed Soul musician Kevin Sandbloom.

“I am madly in love with Kevin Sandbloom’s voice,” Lowry said. “If anyone considers themself a bit of a Soul/R&B aficionado, they’d love him. I’ve taken people to his shows as a birthday present, and I’ll be danged if they weren’t fully satisfied. And Sandbloom only comes around about once every year, year and a half, so you have to take the chance while you’ve got it.”

All Young Girls Are Machine Guns joins Sandbloom, Citizen’s Band and Faerie Tones Sunday, July 28th at the Barley Street Tavern, 2735 N. 62nd St. Tickets are $5 at the door.

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