Nov. 7, 8

Mahler’s “Resurrection” Symphony

Omaha Symphony Masterworks Series

Sari Gruber, soprano

Rachel Calloway, mezzo-soprano

Omaha Symphonic Chorus

Creighton University Chamber Choir

University of Nebraska at Omaha Concert Choir and Chamber Choir

Judith Clurman, chorus master

Thomas Wilkins, conductor

Holland Performing Arts Center

1200 Douglas St.

7:30 p.m. Tickets $19-$80

A massive amount of musicians assembles to take on the full force of Gustav Mahler’s Second Symphony. With the largest orchestra it has ever assembled, our Omaha Symphony surges forward as 100 artists play, two soloists and more than 125 choir members sing. The work, considered one of Mahler’s most popular ever, has often been called “awe-inspiring. ” Justifiably; that was the composer’s desired effect. He wanted to personally confront, reveal, and ultimately celebrate mortality. In a descriptive program for the first performance of 1895, he saw redemption for all souls, a new kind of resurrection, spurred by a poem from Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock beginning with “Rise again, yes, you shall rise again.” In the uninterrupted 80 minutes, an often-terrifying funeral march ultimately leads to a stunning celebratory choral hymn, with words embracing  both life and death. There Mahler wrote “Prepare yourself to live!” A clarion call to which you could attend.

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