Ahhh— punk rock and youth go together like white on rice. Hailing from Fullerton, California, Audacity is a young punk band that runs in the same circle as Ty Segal, King Tuff, Pangea and Bleached. Audacity’s new album, Butter Knife, dropped October 29 on Suicide Squeeze. With attention from Pitchfork, Spin, Interview Magazine and Noisey, these kids are off and running. Comprised of Matt Schmalfeld (vocals/guitar/keys), Kyle Gibson (vocals/guitar), Cameron Crowe (bass) and Thomas Alvarez (drums), Audacity makes a stop in Omaha to play O’Leaver’s this Thursday.

Crowe and Alvarez took a few moments to talk about band names, touring and their parents. – Kyle Eustice

Check out:

“Couldn’t Hold A Candle”


“Hole In The Sky” < — premiered on Interview Magazine.com


The Reader: Does the number of bands these days seem overwhelming? 

Cameron: No. We think the internet just makes it seem that way. The more people playing rock and roll, the better. It’s no longer the leading genre of music in the U.S. so it’s good to see everyone keeping it going.

Was that an obstacle you felt you had to push through at all to stand out? Why or why not? 

Cameron: We dig there’s a ton of people trying to be in bands, but that does create sea of monotony to sift through. It’s a “what not to do” type of approach for us sometimes.

I read that you’ve been together since you were teenagers. How has that helped your professional relationship? 

Cameron: From years together, we all know how to work together best as possible. We get along pretty well for being stuck together 30+ days at a time. We’ve toured in a little Honda, cried shoulder to shoulder with a roadie and didn’t kill each other.

What drives you to make music every day? 

Thomsas: We can’t explain that! We just have a driving force within us that makes us always wanna rock hard! It’s hard to explain why we wanna make music everyday. It’s something we all love to do so much!  I guess we just do it for ourselves there seems to be something so deep within us. We just can’t stop. We always wanna rock and roll!!

Do you prefer playing live shows or recording? Why or why not? 

Cameron: We dig both there’s a time for each of them. Right now, we’re diggin’ playin’ live, of course.

How do you think your fans have received the new album? 

Cameron: So far it’s doing pretty good on the college radio stations and someone said yesterday they hate the record because they’ve listened to it everyday since they bought it.

What does the music you make mean to you on a personal level? What does it provide for you? 

Cameron: It’s our lives that go into it and we’re serious about it, but it’s great fun all at the same time.

What are your goals for the future of Audacity? 

Cameron: Keep rolling along, making songs for the future, recording, continuing to get better at playing, and going deeper into old and new forms of music. 

Where does the name come from?

Thomas: The name came from a quick decision in junior high. And we have been stuck with it ever since. I wish we could go back in time and change it. We always get asked to the same stupid questions, “Did you name your band after the audacity of hope?” Or my personal favorite, “Do you guys ever use the recording program audacity?” I guess it’s just a few young guns trying to come up with a cool name gone wrong.

What would you change it to?

Thomas: [Laughs] Oh man, if we could go back in time and change the name, we would have probably stuck with our old name, The Attachments.  I personally would like it to be Stellerphone, my other old band’s name.  I’m not saying Stellerphone is a better name, but I like it.

What do your parents think of your chosen career path? 

Thomas: Our parents have always been very supportive of us; from letting us practice at their houses to coming to shows. We are very grateful and would not be where we are without them. I always see them posting things on the internet about our band. I feel like seeing their kids travel and doing something that love makes them very happy!

Audacity, Hunters and Video Rangers, November 23, at O’Leaver’s Pub, 1322 S Saddle Creek Rd., 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $7. Visit www.audacityband.com for more information.

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