Sidewalk Chalk returns to Loves Jazz and Arts Center

Chicago based Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul and Funk band Sidewalk Chalk will return to Omaha during their tour of latest music An Orchid is Born. The seven-person band consists of a dynamic live sound including Rico Sisney (MC), Maggie Vagle (Vocals), Charlie Coffeen (Keys), Josh Rosen (Bass), Jerrel Johnson (Drums), Sam Trump (Trumpet), and David Ben-Porat (Trombone). What’s unique about this group is that they don’t conform to just one genre of music and often bounce back and forth between tempos during a song. It’s only right that you have to dance to keep up. While they lift your spirits with songs like “Grocery List” (Leaves album, 2014), they also have the power to bring a strong emotional awareness to social injustice issues like the song “A Suite for Black Lives” which sheds light on violence toward Black people. If you’re bold enough to have a good time, visitors can also experience a live dance performance by tap dancer Jumaane Taylor, also a Chicago native studying at the Sammy Dyer School of the Theatre. Also opening up for them is Nebraska-based singer and songwriter Mesonjinxx. Expect to create great memories on this Saturday night in the heart of North Omaha.

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