SXSW Day 4: Bolzen Beer Band, Harouki Zombi, William Elliott Whitmore, Chuck Ragan, Lucero

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I felt as if I’d been dead-legged by a gang of fifth-graders as I followed the lederhosen-clad Bolzen Beer Band through a sea of drunk people on Austin’s Sixth Street during the height of its sloppiness on Saturday, the final and most sloppy night of SXSW. Rollie Fingers’-stached Brian Brazier lugged his tuba alongside Dave Socha, who was stalking the perfect busking location. Ciara Searight — mostly obscured by the olive-green military-style bag carrying her hi-hat — struggled to keep up behind them. After walking a couple blocks, the Lincoln polka-rock band chose a spot in front of the bar Last Stand at the Alamo near Colorado Street, where Searight set up her stool, snare and cymbals as Brazier and Socha began bouncing around, yelling at folks to get their attention. A curious crowd instantly formed in a circle around them.