White Mystery crushes it live

* Chicago’s White Mystery are always on and their return to Brother’s Lounge, 3812 Farnam St., Saturday, March 2nd was no exception. The stripped down rock of Alex White and her brother Francis ripped. While the band’s new album Telepathic shows signs of a new, subtler sound, the Whites kept their finger on their riff-centered mind meld of bluesy garage rock and no frills 70s rock. Meanwhile, the evolution of Solid Goldberg, who opened the show, seems to be growing its own sizable following. Dave Goldberg’s one man show relies on keys, pedals and a drum machine, but Goldberg has mastered his finicky technology into an essential mix of lo-fi retro R&B and gutter garage sleaze.

* Parquet Courts have set a return course for Omaha and the Sweatshop Gallery, 2727 North 62nd St., Thursday, June 20th. The Brooklyn lo-fi indie punk band played Omaha earlier this year, right as their excellent first album Light Up Gold was being re-released by What’s Your Rupture? They play a brand of hook-filled post-punk that’s somewhere between Jim Carroll and Jonathan Richman. Parquet Courts, too, have formed a fast friendship with a band in town that could lead to future projects involving Omaha and the Brooklyn band.

* Omaha is included in a multicultural list of up-and-coming cities for music put together by MTV site, MTVIggy.com. The list includes a handful of international cities in countries like Brazil, Nigeria, Chile and Greece. The website commends Omaha’s jazz tradition and traces the activity up through the formation of Saddle Creek Records, saying “the quintessential Omaha sound blends the college radio lover’s alt rock peppered with small doses of country twang.” While that merely skims the surface of what’s going on in town, it’s still nice to be noticed.

* The multicultural dance party loom will celebrate its seventh anniversary Saturday, March 9th at the House of Loom, 1012 South 10th St. Resident DJs Brent Crampton and Kethro will guide the festivities, which will also feature body painting and live percussion. The event has its roots in Benson, where Espana restaurant played host to the dance night. Now Crampton and his partners have found a permanent home in south downtown for their community-centered take on what a nightclub can be.

* Local filmmaker and musician Nik Fackler has released a teaser trailer online for his upcoming second movie, Sick Birds Die Easy. Fackler, who is also one of the founding members of Icky Blossoms, has spent the last few years working on this documentary feature, which finds a band of artists and explorers in Africa, in the supposed origin of the Garden of Eden and “home to one of the most powerful psychotropic plants on Earth,” according to the film’s official website. Among the artists participating in the project is Capgun Coup’s Sam Martin, who also provides music for the movie.


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