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Click to access the full 84-page Candidate Profiles 2020 Guide. The League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha and Heartland Workers Center have compiled this statewide resource for Nebraska voters.  More info about voting:  

See Content Guide below.

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U.S. Senate (p. 2)

U.S. Nebraska House of Representatives District 2 (p. 8)

Legislature District 05 (p. 12)

Legislature District 07 (p. 14)

Legislature District 09 (p. 16)

Legislature District 11 (p.  19)

Legislature District 13 (p. 23)

Legislature District 31 (p. 24)

Legislature District 39 (p. 28)

UNO Board of Regents (p. 31)

State Board of Education District 02 (p. 34)

State Board of Education District 04 (p. 35)

Douglas County Commissioner District 01 (p. 37)

Douglas County Commissioner District 03 (p. 40)

Douglas County Commissioner District 05 (p. 43)

Douglas County Commissioner District 07 (p. 47)

Papio-Missouri River NRD – Subdistrict 09 (p. 49)

Public Service Commission District 02 (p. 52)

Metropolitan Utilities District – Subdivision 03 (p. 55)

Metropolitan Utilities District – Subdivision 04 (p. 56)

Metropolitan Utilities District – Subdivision 05 (p. 58)

Omaha Public Power District – Subdivision 01 (p. 60)

Metropolitan Community College – District 03 (p. 63)

Metropolitan Community College – District 04 (p. 65)

Learning Community Coordinating Council – District 02 (p. 68)

Learning Community Coordinating Council – District 04 (p. 69)

Learning Community Coordinating Council – District 06 (p. 71)

Bennington Board of Education (p. 73)

Omaha Public School Board – District 07 (p. 76)

Omaha Public School Board – District 09 (p. 79)

Westside Board of Education (p. 81)

$200,000,000 Street Transportation Bond Initiative  (p. 83)

$125,000.000 Millard Public Schools Bond Election (p. 83)

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