North Omaha Neighborhood Response, Weekend Rallies, Cops in Schools and more Top Local News for Monday, July 13

7/13/20 • Day 22 of Phase III • Nationwide case trends

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Neighborhood Response in North Omaha

Someone had been shot. The next morning you got his name: James Scurlock. He’s a product of a North Omaha family. He’s one of ours. We know his family.
How, as a neighborhood, do you respond?

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Good Morning,

Today we have stories about a neighborhood leader in North Omaha’s response to nationwide police brutality, a youth-organized rally of more than 200 people calling for the removal of police from Omaha schools and members of the Omaha community coming together to demand justice for Vanessa Guillen over the weekend.

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What to do during quarantine?

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Old School

Pull out the board games, teach others your favorite card games, learn chess, play checkers. Teach or start learning an instrument or a new hobby.

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