The Need for Change, NU Joins Anti-ICE Order Suit, Douglas County Resumes Jury Trials and more Top Local News for Tuesday, July 14

7/14/20 • Day 23 of Phase III • Nationwide case trends

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Without True Revolution, Oppression Just Changes Shape

“We owe this struggle to our ancestors and future generations,” Katherine Macholmes writes.

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Today we have stories about the need for radical change in the face of an adaptable oppression, the University of Nebraska system joining a lawsuit against the recent ICE order on international students and the Douglas County Courthouse resuming trials with added COVID-19 safety measures after months of delays.

Your Top Local Stories
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  • The University of Nebraska system joined universities across the country in a lawsuit against the ICE order that placed limits on international students’ ability to study in the country.
  • Lancaster County has reached peak levels of COVID-19 cases once again with an average of 41 new cases a day in the last week.

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