Police and Oppression, Homeschooling Debate, County COVID-19 Update and more Top Local News for Thursday, July 9

7/9/20 • Day 18 of Phase III • Nationwide case trends

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Police Response and Systems of Oppression

We have been watching a mass grief in real time

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Today we have another entry in our “Voices of the Revolution” series as well as stories about increasing cases among young people in Douglas County, parents debating whether to homeschool their kids this year and if Gov. Pete Ricketts has overstepped his bounds in allocating $1 billion in CARES Act money without the Legislature’s approval.

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Book Club Boomers Become Zoomers

Don’t cancel your book club meeting because you can’t breathe on each other right now! Show off your newfound Zoom skills (or ask a friendly millennial to help you) to meet online. Pour yourself a glass of wine, settle in with your laptop and let’s get real about life and “Talking To Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell.

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