Arrested Protestors Stuck in Jail After Computer Malfunction, Omaha’s Police Brutality Examined, Mask Mandate Considered for Omaha and more Top Local News for Monday, July 27

7/27/20 • Day 36 of Phase III • Nationwide case trends

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About 50 people wait for arrested protesters to exit the Douglas County Department of Corrections on July 26, 2020.

Arrested Protesters Spend Fearful Night in Douglas County Jail due to Computer Malfunctions

In the first mass arrest since early June, around 100 people were arrested for obstructing traffic and failure to disperse. Many protesters waited for more than 12 hours to be released on bail.

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Today we have stories about Omaha police arresting around 100 protestors Saturday night, experts examining OPD’s history of police brutality finding uses of tear gas and pepper ball guns at a seven-year high and the Douglas County Board of Health holding a meeting to discuss mask mandates.

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