Photo of a deserted playground. Photo by Mike Machian.

Friday, May 29 • 26 Days Under New DHM • At Least 3 Days to Go

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Photo of a deserted playground. Photo by Mike Machian.

Crisis Behind Closed Doors: How the Pandemic Has Impacted Children’s Mental Health and What it Could Mean for Our Future

As more kids spend time indoors, away from school and potentially feel the effects of their parents increased financial stress, experts worry how this will affect a mental health industry that’s already spread thin.

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Today we have stories about Douglas County’s biggest single-day increase in cases, schools offering hope for a return to normal in the fall as they test summer classes with groups of fewer than 20 people and destruction continues to rip apart Minneapolis as the city burned for the third night straight.

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What to do during quarantine?

From our list of things to do during quarantine:

Bring On the Music

Check out “Can’t Stop The Blues,” a public Facebook discussion group. It promises to bring national, regional and local artists to fans. Another public Facebook group, “Viral Music – Because Kindness is Contagious,” represents all genres. Investigate other possible live streaming options such as

What’s Happening In The United States?

When The Looting Starts, The Shooting Starts

  • Minneapolis burned for the third straight night as protestors looted and set fire to buildings, including a police precinct, following the Memorial Day death of 47-year-old George Floyd. Mayor Jacob Frey called the unrest “unacceptable” and President Donald Trump tweeted he would send in the National Guard. Twitter flagged his tweets for glorifying violence. The protests also spread across the country to cities like Louisville where seven people were shot as demonstrations for the death of a black woman shot in her home there in March turned violent. A CNN team was also arrested on live TV in Minneapolis early this morning.

As Some States Quell The Virus, Others Become Hot Spots

  • Several states have reported their biggest single-day increases in cases or seen positive trends in recent weeks, even as places like New York City see steadily declining numbers.

Trump Faces off with Favorite Form of Communication

  • After Twitter started flagging his tweets, Trump issued an executive order, with questionable oversight, to limit the social media giant’s ability to put disclaimers next to his content.

What Happens When The Money Runs out?

  • As emergency loans and stimulus funds near their end, the financial repercussions of the pandemic are far from over and now many are asking how they’ll survive.

What’s Happening Across The World?

Despite Soaring Cases, India Reopening

  • As India, one of the world’s biggest hot spots for cases, plans to start lifting its lockdown, its caseload continues to climb and health officials worry it could reach 1 million in the coming weeks.

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