Monday, April 13

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Today we have stories about a UNMC doctor who privately compared coronavirus to historic tragedies long before it arrived in Nebraska as well as disagreements on whether the U.S. will be ready to reopen by May 1.

Your top local stories

Emails show UNMC doctor concerned by virus’ spread weeks before it hit Omaha

  • In an email chain obtained by The New York Times, doctors around the country expressed concern over coronavirus. In one email Dr. James Lawler from UNMC wrote:
“Great Understatements in History:
Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow — ‘just a little stroll gone bad’
Pompeii — ‘a bit of a dust storm’
Hiroshima — ‘summer heat wave’
Wuhan — ‘just a bad flu season’ ”

In Omaha

Around the State

What to do during quarantine?

From our list of things to do during quarantine

Virtual Reality

Several venues have better than average websites archiving current and past shows with imagery and insight intact. In April, go especially to the Omaha Public Library’s website post about Motion Blur in the Michael Phipps Gallery, Bemis Center exhibition page, or Gallery 1516’s exhibition page.

What’s happening in the United States?

Experts and officials wary of reopening economy by May 1

  • President Trump has expressed interest in lifting restrictions by next month but governor’s and health experts alike have said it’s too early to tell. Dr. Anthony Fauci said the country should have a rolling re-entry strategy.

Class divide and coronavirus

  • While most in the country understand the importance of social distancing, many low-income people cannot choose to practice it in their homes or jobs.
  • The CARES Act does not require the government to disclose where it’s sending $349 billion of small business relief.
  • Experts have concluded that months out of school for millions of American kids will cause severe impediments to their learning. Among solutions are reducing curriculums, expanding school years and lofting the idea of holding more students back a year.

What’s happening across the world?

Wuhan doctor who died raising the alarm on coronavirus gets digital memorial

  • In January, Dr. Li Wenliang tried to warn people about a deadly virus ripping through his Wuhan hospital. The Chinese government silenced him. One month later he was dead and coronavirus was on its way toward becoming a global pandemic.

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