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Blame the Enablers, the Aiders and Abetters

Trump’s true nature has been on display since he launched his campaign, and he has never wavered from it. Those who thought the presidency would “mature” him or change him were either naïve, not paying attention, or willfully ignorant. Trump is the scorpion. We cannot be surprised when he stings us. We can be angry, and he deserves our anger. But I don’t waste my anger on Trump. I direct my anger at his enablers.

Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown

Good morning,

Today we have stories about Douglas County’s plan to facilitate COVID-19 vaccinations, U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse’s response to a possible Trump impeachment and state Sen. Julie Slama’s proposal to reshape the state’s congressional districts.

Around Omaha

  • On Thursday, the Omaha Fire Department and Omaha police released an update on the blast that leveled a home and killed three people.
  • The Douglas County Health Department is working on a way for people to register for a vaccine appointment, either online or by phone.
  • Officer Michael Salseda was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center after being hit by a vehicle on the Kennedy Freeway.

Around Nebraska

  • U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse says he will definitely consider articles of impeachment for President Donald J. Trump.
  • State Sen. Julie Slama introduced a bill that would return Nebraska to the winner-take-all method of allocating electoral votes.

What To Do During Quarantine?

Sledding in Omaha

Grab the toboggan or trash can lid and head out to one of Omaha’s best sledding spots. There are several guides online that purport to know the best sledding hills, so who are we to try to name one? Memorial Park is a perennial favorite for its central location atop plentiful hills. Rockbrook Park (aka “Rocket Park”) is also highly rated and fondly remembered by those who grew up in the neighborhood. Check out your nearby grade schools and local parks and remember: sometimes the best hill is the one in your own backyard.

Daily Comic

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