Homeless Shelters Struggling, $4 Billion Loss, Racing to The Cure and More Top Local News for Friday, May 1

Thursday, April 30

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Photo illustration of a homeless individual. Photo courtesy of Upsplash.

Shelters Struggle to Keep Up, Worst Might Be Yet to Come

Staff at the city’s homeless shelters are working tirelessly to keep shelters functional without volunteers even as the number of people needing shelter has stayed about the same. But that could change in a few months.

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Today we have stories about the race to have a vaccine by January, Grand Island’s mayor asking the nation’s ag secretary to visit the city devastated by the virus and the state losing a reported $4 billion in agriculture revenue due to the coronavirus.

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What to do during quarantine?

From our list of things to do during quarantine:

Stuck at Home with a Musical Instrument But No Teacher?

Many music teachers are going to online lessons. One to try: Chris Saub Music on Facebook. Payments by Venmo or Paypal. Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Singing, Songwriting, Coaching Bands, Producing Music with Apple.

What’s happening in the United States?

Running Water Turned off for Millions during Pandemic

  • Despite making hand washing one of the staple tools in the fight against the coronavirus, many have still had their water shut off due to unpaid bills.

Operation Warp Speed: The Race to the Cure

  • The federal government’s push for a vaccine (and yes, it’s called “Operation Warp Speed) wants to have the cure ready and available to every American by January of next year.

Labs across the Country Study Covid-19 Genome

  • At least 75 labs across the country are studying the virus at the center of this pandemic, looking for the ways it mutates and evolves to understand how to stop it.

Campaigning in Isolation

  • From presidential candidate Joe Biden down the ladder, politicians are trying to make connections at a time when we’re supposed to distance. So, they’ve innovated, starting Zoom call fundraisers with $5,000 entry fees, meditation hours and web-based wine tastings.

What’s happening across the world?

Hundreds of Refugees Lost at Sea

  • For 10 weeks Rohingya people seeking shelter have floated through the waters of Southeast Asia in three separate boats without entry to a port. Now human rights activists say they’ve lost track of them.

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