Omaha Gives Breaks Records, Elkhorn Nursing Home Cited in Past, Vaccine Roadblocks and More Top Local News for Thursday, May 21

Thursday, May 21

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Today we have stories about a record number of people donating to Omaha Gives yesterday, an Elkhorn nursing home, which has had health complaints in the past and has struggled to contain COVID-19, and why there may be more obstacles to finding a coronavirus vaccine than other communicable diseases.

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What to do during quarantine?

From our list of things to do during quarantine:

Watch the Best Omaha Movie

If you have Starz (which you can get through Amazon Prime or cable/satellite), you can watch Out of Omaha, the most important movie about the city ever made.

What’s Happening In The United States?

Earlier Lockdowns Would Have Saved Thousands of Lives

  • If the United States had imposed lockdown, stay-at-home or any social distancing orders one week earlier than it did in March, 36,000 fewer people could have died, according to an analysis from The New York Times.

As Some Rushed to Test, They Found Few Takers

  • Beuracratic hurdles and a disorganized American health care system kept many hospitals from utilizing labs that could have expedited testing early on.

Don’t Count on a Vaccine, Expert Says

  • Past failures with Sars and Mers’ vaccines have at least one groundbreaking HIV/AIDS and cancer researcher saying a vaccine may not come any time soon.

Warren Softening Health Care Approach as Biden Eyes Her for VP

  • Elizabeth Warren has backed off Medicare for All, saying Americans should focus instead on strengthening the Affordable Care Act. Warren and Joe Biden brawled over the issue on the campaign trail but now Biden is considering her and many others as his VP candidate.

What’s Happening Across The World?

Tension between China and the U.S. Continues

  • Yesterday officials from China and the United States took shots at each other over credibility and responsibility for the spread of COVID-19.

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