Rising Local Cases, Family Dissatisfied with Report, 100,000 Deaths and More Top Local News for Thursday, May 28

Thursday, May 28 • 25 Days Under New DHM • At Least 4 Days to Go

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Markets Make their Meticulous Return

With guidelines in place, farmers prepare to meet the crowds.

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Today we have stories about Douglas County seeing its fourth-biggest single-day increase in cases, families of Elkhorn nursing home residents where COVID-19 struck hard are disappointed with the state’s report and the United States officially passing 100,000 deaths yesterday.

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What to do during quarantine?

From our list of things to do during quarantine:

Retreat Into Beauty

Fans of Illuminating Hearts, husband/wife duo Orion and Astara, can support them on Patreon through the next few months of canceled gigs. Their “multidisciplinary eco-system of acoustics and metaphysics” provides physical and psychic soothing. Subscribers receive audio and video content for their own “online retreat.” Look for illumin8inghearts on Facebook.

What’s Happening In The United States?

Pandemic Will Accelerate Disappearing of Middle Class

  • Joblessness and lost profits from family-owned businesses will exacerbate conditions that already contributed to a shrinking middle class.

100,000 Deaths

  • The United States officially passes the grim mile stone.

Trump Expected to Strike Back after Twitter Flagged His Posts 

  • After Twitter put a disclaimer on two of his tweets, President Donald Trump is expected to order the review of a law that has long protected social media giants from outside scrutiny.

U.S. to Expel Chinese Graduate Students with Ties to Military Schools

  • The latest jab in the back and forth between China and the United States is seen as paranoia by some of America’s universities.

What’s Happening Across The World?

World is Far from Herd Immunity

  • For many who think the best way to beat the coronavirus is to introduce it and allow everyone to build immunity, that vision is still a long way off. Even in New York City, one of the world’s hardest-hit cities, less than 20% of the population has built up immunity.

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