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We Must Dig Deep, Grab Our Community and Focus Forward:
A Letter From John Heaston, Editor & Publisher

As we enter the holiday season, I want to send my gratitude for your readership, kind words and efforts to make our home, Omaha, a better place to live during this long, difficult year. We’d like to reward your readership with a sneak peek of our plans for 2022, and we hope you agree that it’s worthy of your support

John Heaston, who serves as editor and publisher of The Reader and El Perico, co-founded The Reader in 1994.

Focus Forward is our vision for 2022, grounded in the reality that our community has a deep history that we can only address together. Over the next few weeks we’re going to tell you about us, our team and why we think you should be a part of this vision

In the next year, we’ll focus on stories that are honest to our heritage, bridge divides, unite the community and spotlight solutions to improve our community. 

In 27 years, The Reader has played an important role in Omaha’s development, from the explosion in DIY culture — local, independent music, arts, culture and restaurants — to leading more equitable local news coverage. Our reporting has elevated diverse artists and shone a light on systemic inequities. 

Our reporting in 2022 will be about the path forward. We will continue to hold power to account, shortening the careers of out-of-line government officials and nativist politicians, restoring polling places in underserved parts of the community and forcing government to meet its promises. In 2022, it’s also going to be about what you can do to help.

That work starts now. You can support this work by becoming a member today. Our goal is to raise 100 new members in the next six weeks, and all support we receive is dedicated to fund reporting to empower this vision.

We can’t do this without you.

If you want us to focus on information that helps Omaha move forward, please join our campaign and support our movement.

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Thanks for your consideration. 


John Heaston
Editor and Publisher, The Reader & El Perico

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