Kris Rey’s I Used to Go Here, OPS Fall Sports, Chris Janicek’s Candidacy and More Top Local News for Tuesday, September 1

9/01/20 • Day 72 of Phase III • Nationwide case trends

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Memories Are Lies Your Brain Tells

Writer/director Kris Rey’s I Used to Go Here argues that you should be very careful when you go poking at your memories with a stick.

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Today we have stories about student-athletes urging OPS to start fall sports, Ernie Chambers’ name on the ballot for Douglas County Commissioner and Chris Janicek refusing to drop out of the senatorial race.

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The Cooler’s Sno-Balls

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Sno-Balls are a popular sweet treat that made their debut in the neighborhoods of New Orleans in the 1930s. The summertime tradition of standing in line for a Sno-Ball is an experience The Cooler is excited to bring to Omaha.

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