Making Work Human

Jason Lauritsen is a employment engagement expert who helps companies increase productivity by, "Making work human."

Jason Lauritsen is an author, podcaster, speaker, and employment engagement expert who lives just outside Omaha. All of his ventures share a common goal: educating employers about how to keep employees productive and happy. He believes the best way to increase productivity is to make work human.

In an interview he elaborated on making work human explaining, “All of the data we have about employee engagement suggests employees experience work more like a relationship than they do a contract. Relational constructs, like feeling valued, cared for, trusted and a sense of belonging all contribute to employee engagement. These are the reasons we’re motivated to contribute and perform at a high level.”

Lauritsen uses his years of experience as a Human Resource Executive to identify areas where workplaces need to adapt to the changing world in order to grow. His model for humanizing the workplace environment emphasizes creating lasting progress versus short bursts of change.

Learn more about why making work more human is important, and read the rest of his advice to workplace leaders here:

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