Nothing to be Done

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Donald Tump is Good Man

Donald Tump is a good man, better father, best lover - eternal fighter. You want America to dry up and decay? Keep pounding that Bill Clitntin drum. I'm an American who wants to fight and Ronald Tump is best round for round - pound for pound boxer you'll ever see. Sure, it'd be great if the world was made of flowers and Hitler was just a misunderstood teen in need of a hug and a community outreach program. But even a cowering pinko like yourself has to see bold white line that divides good from evil. Right from wrong. Americans from Mexicans. Oh wait, what's that? You can't see that bold white line because you're too busy twittering and taking selfies in the mirror? Well here comes Donald Tump to slap that phone away from you and toss your dirty hippy ass in the shower for a good scrubbing. Consider yourself learned. Donald Tump 2016!

Debbie Shiner more than 2 years ago