Protest-Inspired Print Exhibit Opens, City Council Passes Mask Mandate, Protesters Call for Cuts to Police Budget and More Top Local News for Wednesday, August 12

8/12/20 • Day 52 of Phase III • Nationwide case trends

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Visual Voices, Erin, “Amplified” July 2020

RBR Gallery Exhibit Combines a Community of Ideas with Prints

In spite of the current pandemic restrictions and inspired by the recent social unrest and protests, June 12 brought the beginning of a timely and germane print project at RBR Gallery on Vinton Street, Visual Voices: Community of Ideas | Community of Prints.

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Today we have stories about a new project opening at the RBR Gallery featuring printed art inspired by recent protests, the Omaha City Council unanimously passing an emergency mask mandate and protests outside of the city council meeting calling for cuts to the proposed 2021 Omaha Police Department budget.

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What to do during quarantine?

From our list of things to do during quarantine:

Support a Local Black-Owned Business: Boiling Claws 

While the owner has been working tirelessly to launch a food truck, he couldn’t be stopped from finding a way to help out during the Covid crisis. Knowing that many children are facing a summer with limited lunches, Boiled Claws’ owner offered sack lunches to children in need. For questions or to ask about catering email and follow along on Facebook for truck launch dates.

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