Reed Moore Newsletter | Wednesday, April 15

Wednesday, April 15

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State’s response to protect prisoners inadequate, advocates say

Prison reformers want to see the Nebraska Department of Corrections release its management plans, release some prisoners and allow incarcerated people the same safeties afforded citizens.

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Today we have stories about prison reform advocates who say the state needs to do more to protect incarcerated people from coronavirus, the Nebraska Crossing Outlets deciding to reopen as many other retailers remain closed and Trump’s sudden decision to cut WHO funding.

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What to do during quarantine?

From our list of things to do during quarantine

Ian Tredway’s GHOST Art Project
This project has featured digital exhibitions since its May 2018 launch. Though its physical space—Sanctuarium—is on hiatus, the emerging artists it features can be seen online at the Ghost Gallery.

What’s happening in the United States?

  • Like many economic indicators during the pandemic, the drop is unprecedented in the history of the reported figure that measures sales at stores and shops nationwide.

Why do I need to stay six feet away from people?

  • This visualization shows how transmission from a cough travels and why it’s important to maintain social distancing.
  • The Treasury Department has ordered Trump’s name be printed on the memo line of the $1,200 stimulus checks people are receiving which could slow their progress by a few days.
  • As universities lose millions of dollars and consider online classes into next year, some wonder if students will stick around.

What’s happening across the world?

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