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Rocky Mountain High

We hadn’t been to Breckenridge since marijuana became legal in Colorado. Could that be right? According to Wikipedia, the state legalized pot in January 2014, more than five years ago. So, I guess it was. The last time we went to the mountains was an ill-fated trip to Estes Park, a switch from our usual […]

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You Can’t Die Laughing

You Can’t Die Laughing Healing with humor by Michael Braunstein “Laugh, laugh I thought I’d die…” In 1964, Norman Cousins lie dying at UCLA Medical Center. Doctors told him his disease was terminal and there was nothing they could do. They were only half right: There was nothing they could do. Cousins didn’t accept their […]

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‘Wild and Woolier Time’

From my perch in the office loft on Harney Street up from the Old Market, I looked down at the pages of that week’s edition. They were carefully ranked across the first floor. Most of those with full-page ads were done, while half- and quarter-pagers awaited their assigned stories, columns or calendar items. Sales reps […]

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The Rise of the Murder Dads

To be fair to Liam Neeson, who among us hasn’t confessed to being possessed of a racist, murderous rage when asked an innocuous question at a press junket for a movie about a killer snowplow driver? When given a chance to clarify his WTF, Neeson proved why actors have smarter people write what they say. […]

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Scratchin’ the Surface

For the past two and a half decades, the Reader has covered the Metro visual arts from a unique perspective revealed in this publication’s very title. We wrote about the various arts venues and the artists whose work they exhibited, but we wrote for our readers. Our job, not so simply, was to cover the […]

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Pride & Prejudice

There have been various times in the arts of America when inclusivity has had recognizable momentum. During the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and ‘30s, creative giants in literature, music and the arts described and celebrated African American culture. Feminist, Black and Latino art movements sprouted in the fertile ground of the Civil Rights era […]