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DACA Future, City Hate Crime Ordinance, Committee Pledges More Than Words and More Top Local News for Wednesday, June 10

Wednesday, June 10 • 10 Days Under New DHM • At Least 20 Days to Go Support us by becoming a member and following us on Twitter and Facebook DACA Uncertainty Puts Dreamers Fate in Jeopardy With the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is on the table, The Supreme Court has the power to eradicate or keep […]

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Man Accused of Killing Sex Offender Speaks Out, Thorough Scurlock Investigation, CARES Act Dollars Trickle Down and More Top Local News for Thursday, June 11

Thursday, June 11 • 11 Days Under New DHM • At Least 19 Days to Go Support us by becoming a member and following us on Twitter and Facebook No More Coasting Omaha! Seven Ideas to Save Our Future How we can stay in our lanes but swing for the fences in areas such as carbon neutrality, education and internet […]

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Dollars and Incensed

Clearly, if America needs anything right now, it’s more stuff to be mad at and worried about! If you’ve finished the appetizer that is our ongoing pandemic and would like a side of economic injustice to go with the entrée of racial inequity America is maybe/kinda/sorta ready to finally eat, chow down on Capital in […]

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A Traditional Feast

Survival of the fittest doesn’t necessarily mean the biggest and strongest will rise victorious at the end of every battle. Rather, those most capable of adapting to change. No amount of flexibility can limbo under the fact that 2020 was… difficult. But as we adapt, we find where we are and are not willing to […]

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An Omega Man’s COVID Journal

OMAHA, April 20, 2020 — Who remembers the opening sequence to the 1971 science fiction thriller Omega Man? It’s a late afternoon in downtown Los Angeles. Charlton Heston drives through the empty streets in a bright red Cadillac convertible, the wind whipping through his hair as the sun glares off his aviator shades. He pushes […]