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SNAP Bill Veto Overturned, Florida Georgia Line to Perform, Electric Scooters Return

05/27/21 • Nebraska vaccine data • Nationwide case trends Where to Eat: Grand Opening and a One-Day-Only Affair We’ve got the skinny on scrumptious summer eats, from a new offering at Midtown Crossing that’s ready to light a fire under your summer plans, to a B&G revival hosted by Dandelion. Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown Happy National Grape Popsicle Day! Today’s news doesn’t […]

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Alden Global v. Lee Enterprises, Hospitals Strained With COVID-19, Child Welfare Privatization Reports

(Originally published Dec. 16, 2021) Dining Review: Gather in Omaha Two pieces of advice kept popping up online before my visit: 1. Try the mushroom toast.2. Visit the vertical gardens downstairs. I did both, and I’m glad I did. By Tamsen Butler. Published in The Reader. Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown Happy National Chocolate-Covered Anything DayToday’s news knows about […]

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Kellogg’s’ “Last Best Final Offer,” Clergy Sexual Assault Report, Activist Charged With Felonies

Looking Deeper Into Statements of Saint Francis Ministries and DHHS Under Oath Dive into the controversy with journalist Emily Chen-Newton. Full story in NOISE Omaha. Republished in The Reader. Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown Use Your Common Sense Day Today’s news laments the scarcity of this attribute during these turbulent times: Omaha activist Bear Alexander is charged with six […]

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A Rainbow Without Rain

Like a big, consensual hug from a nonbinary person dressed in a sheep costume, Queer Japan is the very best kind of documentary: the kind that leaves you feeling very intimately connected to its subjects. Writer Anne Ishii and writer/director Graham Kolbeins opt not to lecture or preach, not to anchor the film on a […]

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Holy Crap!

Saint Maud is what can be lovingly referred to as an “uh oh” movie. Unlike silly slasher flicks peppered with jump scares and obligatory loud noises, writer/director Rose Glass’s film quietly and relentlessly churns towards the “uh oh” waiting at the end of the story. Fittingly described as a “slow-burn,” this tale of demented piety […]

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Hospitalizations Hit a High, Full Medicaid Benefits Explained, Lincoln Woman’s Death Ruled a Homicide

10/8/21 • Nebraska vaccine data • Nationwide case trends As Pandemic Continues, Día de los Muertos Can Help Omaha Grieve For about 30 years, Jose García and Linda García-Perez have uplifted the indigenous Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, with exhibits and events celebrated throughout the greater Omaha community. The couple believes the […]

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2021 Music Year in Review

I know, I know… it’s only December, and anything can happen before the year is actually over, but I ain’t got that luxury, deadlines being what they are. Rather than wait until January after you’ve (hopefully) long forgotten and moved on from 2021, I thought I’d do the recap now while it’s fresh in your […]