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Marching in Place with Jonathan Orozco

No one ever tells you how glacial pandemics really are. Wikipedia tells us the Black Death and Spanish flu lasted for years. I already know someone is reading this and thinking: “But the world wasn’t so connected back then.” Well, that’s definitely true, but our current health crisis is still expected to last for months, […]

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Self Care is a Revolutionary Act

Often when I hear the phrase ‘self-care,’ my eyes roll back in my head. I instantly envision Instagram hashtags and thinkpiece headlines that equate to little more than the aesthetics of self-indulgence; fancy baths, yoga with baby animals and an endless stream of consumable products that promise to improve the quality of my life. Here’s […]

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The Union for Contemporary Art presents a new solo exhibit, Angela Drakeford:Homecoming, opening July 11th. Installation artist and sculptor Drakeford examines the healing power of plants and the home garden as a sanctuary of healing and comfort. Building on personal memories, and a palette of real and artificial plants, period furniture, textiles and other domestic […]

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‘A Painter’s Yoga Journey’

Yoga might be better for us than we think. Physical benefits aside, artist Robert Bosco has found a muse in yoga, and his solo exhibition, A Painter’s Yoga Journey, opening March 30 at Gallery 1516 may save your brain as well. We’ve all heard of studies touting the psychological and stress-relieving benefits of making and […]

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View from The Top

  An argument could be made that nightlife in the Blackstone District is somewhat more laid back than the bustling, rowdy downtown area and a little less alternative than the Benson neighborhood. Blackstone has its own unique concept and style. When I heard news of a rooftop bar opening up in this particular district, I […]

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Omaha Health Expo This Weekend

Omaha Health Expo This Weekend Cardiologist Richard Collins said it succinctly. “If I’m in the ER with a heart attack, I don’t want the doc to come in and put a broccoli sprig on my chest.” Dr. Collins was speaking during an interview on the Heartland Healing television program and at the time was chief […]