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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning What’s Under the Sink? by Michael Braunstein Read this sentence carefully: Humans have found, invented or synthesized over 50 million different chemicals over the course of history, the vast majority of them since World War II. That’s millions of chemicals the human body, or the world, for that matter, has never experienced or […]

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Street Theater

When Michael Dressel sets out into the crowded streets of Hollywood, he’s not scouting for talent — he’s on the lookout for those small, rich moments of visual theater in the drama of the every day. The results of his recent perambulations are on view in more than 60 black-and-white photographs in the Garden of […]

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Training Wheels: The Chakras

Training Wheels: The Chakras by Michael Braunstein This much I know and physics confirms: I am made of energy, pure and simple. You only have to know a tiny bit about science (and it seems “a tiny bit” is the full measure that people are learning these days), to understand that everything in the physical […]

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Jocelyn: Omaha’s Rising Star

Beloved Omaha singer-songwriter Jocelyn, who’s just turning 22, has been a star-in-the-making since playing street corners and open mics as an old-soul teen prophet. Her winsome presence, yearning voice, melodic guitar licks and heartfelt lyrics about personal empowerment can move even jaded listeners. In early 2018 she won over the suits of major record label […]

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From Mom and Pop to NOM and POP!

To paraphrase a favorite quote: When you find yourself in abundance, don’t build a wall. Build a bigger table. In 2019, this sentiment isn’t lost on our abundant community that sees value in every contribution made, whether the idea was gestated, incubated, or hatched locally or not. And building a bigger proverbial table is exactly […]

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Power to the People

Nonprofits thrive when they find a community niche no one else serves. Next comes getting influencers and supporters to catch their vision and invest in the mission.  The entrepreneurs behind the six Omaha nonprofits featured here don’t lead the largest or the most well-known organizations. But each oversees a distinct work borne of passion and […]

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The harsh practice of early childhood centers and elementary schools meting out discipline to “difficult” children through suspension or expulsion is netting more attention. Even more disturbing is the higher rate at which African-Americans and Latinos face exclusionary discipline for behavioral reasons. Special-needs kids are also more frequently disciplined than the general student population. Punitive […]