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Backbeat Column – May 2018

The weather still feels like winter at this column’s deadline, but the calendar says it’s festival lineup announcement season. Nebraska’s two largest music fests came through with contenders for their most ambitious slates yet, both revealing full details within a two-day stretch in mid-April.  In its 10th year, Maha Music Festival is bigger than ever. […]

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#MeToo moves to the stage

I’ve spoken many times before on the inherit politics of theater. From its very beginning theater has served as a way for the “voiceless” to be heard, for the powerless to build an audience and for the people to undermine, challenge or rail against the powers that be. Art in and of itself is a place […]

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Nebraska’s Fresh Produce on ICE

While the entire country has moved toward the ultimate goal of “local” sourcing, Nebraska has enjoyed the upper hand for years. Within an environment naturally conducive to bountiful harvests, and with an eager workforce, Nebraska farmers have a minor advantage in both the tenable soil and the drive of area workers, keeping them in business […]

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Interview: Twin Peaks

Watching a band you like grow up can be a sad and scary experience. After years together both on the road and in the studio, some groups become jaded and start putting less effort into their music, their performances, and even their own personal hygiene. The fact that the music suffers is only part of […]

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Backbeat for March 2018

Just when a random 50-degree-day makes it seem as if winter has reared its ugly head for the last time, it comes back viciously with negative wind chills and ice harshing the morning commute. Fortunately, as winter hangs around, so does awards season, so we’ll start this month’s column discussing the winners at the 2018 […]

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Safe Spaces

As the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements progress, generations of people whose fears and reports were ignored are finally feeling the warm embrace of “I believe you”. As much comfort as being heard can bring, it’s not nearly as much comfort as an end to assault entirely. A generation of people who can say #NotMe It […]

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Saddle Creek at 25

It was sometime in 1993 when a group of guys pulled their resources together and released a cassette tape by a 13-year-old boy named Conor Oberst. That cassette, titled Water, was the first release on Lumberjack Records, catalog number LBJ-01. Earlier this year catalog number LBJ-270, the debut album by Stef Chura called Messes, was […]

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Frankly, You Can Afford to be Finicky

Finicky Frank’s stands apart from North Omaha restaurants with its farm-to-table commitment and casual-meets-fine dining balance. Chef-owner Kesa Kenny sticks with quality ingredients and keep things simple to create five-star comfort food. The Salina, Kansas native worked the family farm growing up, gaining an appreciation for fresh-natural-local even though things often got overcooked by her […]

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Coming home is sweet for media giant Cathy Hughes

Sweet nostalgia flowed when Omaha native media titan Cathy Hughes got feted in her hometown May 17-19. The Omaha African-American community that produced Hughes has long followed her achievements. Her multimedia Urban One Inc., whose brands include Radio One and TV One, are Black-centric platforms. Despite a media footprint rivaling Oprah and a personal net […]

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Backbeat for January 2018

Happy 2018! We’ll cut the New Year’s Resolutions and get straight to the news, as a few local artists dropped new LPs and EPs just before the year-end lists hit. Omaha emcee and beatmaker Marcey Yates delivered his second release of 2017, following up his collective The Dilla Kids’ October EP Like this month with […]