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Contract for Deed: The promise of homeownership that often leaves Midwest buyers out in the cold

Most Americans who want to own a house – and can afford it – follow a fairly straightforward path to their dreams. They start with a loan from a bank or mortgage company, institutions that are subject to state and federal regulations. When buyers close on the home they want, the agreement is registered with […]

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At North Omaha gym, Bud Crawford mentors young fighter who “reminds me of me.”

This story was originally published in Flatwater Free Press. As fighters went through their paces one recent night at B&B Sports Academy, its co-owner, world welterweight boxing champion Terence “Bud” Crawford, got right in the mix, interacting with pros and amateurs alike. He coached boxers at the North Omaha gym, teased them, cajoled them, encouraged […]

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Amid Floods and A Pandemic, Omaha Plant Store Finds Its Roots and Thrives through Adversity

Walking into (drips) botanical elements is like walking through an enchanted forest. From floor to ceiling, the store is covered with hefty leaves, creeping vines and prickly cactus hairs, broken up by rocks and crystals sprinkled between the plants. Under beaming natural light, the scent of flowers and local handmade candles consume the air as […]

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Racism Drives Some BIPOC to Flee State

When she opened the email, Aixa Flores-Dominguez was taking a break from performing with her dance team at an Omaha South High Magnet School basketball game in December 2019. The school’s WiFi wasn’t working so she couldn’t see the message from Columbia University –– just digital confetti cascading down her phone screen. “I think I just got […]

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Tire Fire: Small Town Tire Fight Morphs into Bitter Battle over Democracy

This story was originally published Flatwater Free Press. Brandy Jordan moved to “itty-bitty” Alvo in August 2020, seizing the chance to buy a white 3-bedroom home with her husband Nathan to raise their two small children. When they settled in, she imagined living a quiet life in this 115-person village sandwiched between Omaha and Lincoln.  […]