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Voices: People in Poverty

Stories produced by Robyn Wisch and Angel Martin, KVNO News LISTEN HERE Single Mother Students at Brothers and Sisters Learning Center know Renisha Cooper as Ms. Ree-Ree. The single mother of two has been working at the child care center in North Omaha for the past four years. Last fall, she found out she had […]

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Home Grown

Emerging Terrain’s Stored Potential project is food for thought by Sarah Baker Hansen and Lainey Seyler On an autumnal Oct. 3 Sunday afternoon, 500 people converged under the shadow of empty grain elevators to break bread in a sort of celebration of past, present and future. The grain elevators on 40th and Vinton (near I-80) […]

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Distinctively Dodos

The Dodos are back to being a two-piece band and they just finished an album with longtime collaborator John Askew. But this year’s model of the Dodos has a few new angles to call its own. The most apparent thing about the just-released No Color is its directness, starting with opening song “Black Night”. The […]

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Project Censored

Censored in a brave new world by Rebecca Bowe ( ) The world was a different place in 1976 when Carl Jensen, professor of communications at Sonoma State University, founded Project Censored to highlight important national news stories that were underreported or outright ignored by the mainstream press. Then, there were few good alternatives to […]

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Coming ‘Round Again

Gordon Cantiello returns to Omaha’s Jewish Community Center Every now and then, Gordon Cantiello flies in to Omaha from San Diego and creates some musical theater. This time, he’s hired a few of the metro’s favorite vocalists to present The World Goes Round, a Kander-Ebb revue opening this weekend. If composer John Kander and lyricist […]

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Marley Christmas

Three Scrooges and a couple of Jacob Marleys sat around the edge of the stage and the front row as the Blue Barn cast got ready to rehearse a fascinating play that could just as well be called Marley Meets the Bogle. But the title is Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol , a darker and delightfully […]

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Not So Neutral

Mention net neutrality to a web-savvy proponent, and you may be subjected to a lengthy diatribe against censorship and unfair business practices at the hands of telecommunications companies. Mention the term to a congressman who grew up in the age of typewriters and tape decks, and the reaction could be similar to the look you […]

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Sun Reflection

See also: Tax form led Sun to Boys Town’s ‘hidden’ assets When readers picked up their March 30, 1972 issue of the weekly Sun Newspaper , they could hardly believe their eyes. The small but enterprising paper with multiple neighborhood editions had called out a venerable Omaha institution, Boys Town, in crusading journalistic fashion terms. […]