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Memories Made of This

Unless faced with a loaded image of an eye, a hand or any other recognizable item, viewers at an art exhibit may be left to wonder in dismay or disbelief about work that is conceptual or a mix of fact and fantasy. Explanations are often demanded of the artist by way of compensation only to […]

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Rules of Engagement

(The following is a more complete version of the one that printed in the June issue of the Reader) Small businesses are no stranger to soft openings and landings as they cycle through the vagaries of even the best of economies. But leave it to an unforeseen and unprepared for pandemic to be a game […]

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Twenty Times the Horror for 2020

Editor’s note: We need your help! Support content like this by becoming a Reader member here. FYI: My paid movie reviewing career is now officially old enough to vote. I can promise it’s not going third party… Over all these years, the question I have been asked most as a film critic is “This is more of […]

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Covid-19 Omaha resource guide

Updated on April 1 1:03 p.m. Caps on public gatherings. Large community events shuttering. Public officials from the local to federal levels scrambling. The Covid-19 crisis has shifted dramatically in Omaha leaving many adapting day by day, hour by hour to a slew of guidelines, information and public emergency notices. In an effort to provide […]

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‘A Memory Held in You’

(Interview edited and formatted by contributing arts editor Mike Krainak) Last year my family and I saw the Frida Kahlo: Letters and Photographs exhibition at El Museo Latino in Omaha, Nebraska. That is when I met Allegra Hangen, the museum’s Education and Exhibitions Coordinator. We sat down at a craft table and she demonstrated for […]

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Uncertainty, Fear, Hope: One Small Business District’s Pandemic Survival

Sunlight streams through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the second-story lookout. Since 2003, Mark Pluhacek has had a prime view of Underwood Avenue from the dining room of his restaurant, Marks. From here, he’s watched Dundee grow into a tight-knit community. One where employees and regulars of the neighborhood’s small businesses count their tenure in years, […]