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One Gallant

Adam Haworth Stephens steps out on Cliffs Adam Haworth Stephens’ windswept, gravelly croon has long been one of Two Gallants strengths. And while Gallants is “temporarily on hiatus” with “no plans to do anything right now,” Stephens used the downtime to craft the elegant solo record We Live on Cliffs. Released a couple of weeks […]

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Another Nebraska

The current exhibit of the 2010 Nebraska Arts Council fellowship winners isn’t just another art exhibit, says curator Hesse McGraw. As the show’s title explains, “it’s Another Nebraska .” Every three years the NAC honors visual artists living and working in Nebraska. This year nine were awarded a total of $23,000. Winners of the $5,000 […]

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Hard Climb Ahead

Get comfortable before you ask state Sen. Kathy Campbell what concerns and questions she has about Nebraska’s child welfare privatization program. You’re likely to be there for a while. “Is the program as we’ve set it up sustainable, both financially, as well as service contracts or sub-contracts with other agencies?” she says. “I think the […]

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Approval of Stamps

At the end of the film Food, Inc. , white words flash onto and fade into a black screen. The words, simple but poignant and, in some ways, naïve, encourage communities to advocate for the use of Food Stamps, now called EBTs or SNAP benefits, at Farmer’s Markets. The concept is a good first step […]

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Nighthawks Night

Even the moon was perfect. It began as a curious orange sliver peaking from behind the bluffs in Iowa. It rose until it was full-on silver against the black sky over Rosenblatt Stadium as Jeff Garcia threw a game winning touchdown pass in the waning seconds of the Omaha Nighthawks’ first game. If it had […]

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Environmental Alchemy

When it rains in Omaha, it pours raw sewage, industrial waste and toxic chemicals into nearby waterways. The city’s century-old sewer system is designed to either put it there or into your basement. Neither is an inviting option. But that design is changing thanks to a federal mandate from the Environmental Protection Agency. The oldest […]

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Graphic Art

Erotic Body as Text show finishes at RNG Gallery Even the most prudish of viewers will tolerate the occasional nude in art; that is, as long as it is properly ensconced in a proper museum. That said, past and current staff at the Joslyn Art Museum could regale readers with tales of offended viewers who […]