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Planet Power

Take care of the details until Oct. 1. Then you can prove worthy of the beauty and harmony you ascribe to. Lasting beauty and harmony require correct foundation. Breathe deep the autumn “air” of beauty, Libra. A lot of people are in love right now, have you noticed? Keep your eyes open and hopin’. Peace […]

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The Worm Has Turned

Change of season marked by festivals and indoor events It’s a challenge to accept that the long days of summer are past and that the season has changed. In legend, the mythical dragon of the Zodiac is called the Worm and it circles through the seasons’ markers in the Heavens. Once the summer solstice is […]

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Heaven Sent

I’ve got a few bon mots to jumpstart your entrée into 2011. Hope you enjoy … There are seven steps to Heaven, and they’re probably the Seven Deadly Sins transcended. Here’s the list, along with suggestions for their resolution. PRIDE: Give up foolish pride. LUST: Doesn’t it depend on what you lust for? GLUTTONY: Look […]