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View from The Top

  An argument could be made that nightlife in the Blackstone District is somewhat more laid back than the bustling, rowdy downtown area and a little less alternative than the Benson neighborhood. Blackstone has its own unique concept and style. When I heard news of a rooftop bar opening up in this particular district, I […]

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Omaha Health Expo This Weekend

Omaha Health Expo This Weekend Cardiologist Richard Collins said it succinctly. “If I’m in the ER with a heart attack, I don’t want the doc to come in and put a broccoli sprig on my chest.” Dr. Collins was speaking during an interview on the Heartland Healing television program and at the time was chief […]

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A Nebraska doctor was writing a history of nightmare pandemics. Then she lived one.

“Mom’s home! Look away, look away!”  This was how I greeted my kids during the first half of the COVID-19 pandemic after an internal medicine clinic shift at Nebraska Medicine. I’d shed my doctor scrubs in the laundry room, start the washer, and dash upstairs in my underwear while my kids shielded their eyes for […]

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The Union for Contemporary Art presents a new solo exhibit, Angela Drakeford:Homecoming, opening July 11th. Installation artist and sculptor Drakeford examines the healing power of plants and the home garden as a sanctuary of healing and comfort. Building on personal memories, and a palette of real and artificial plants, period furniture, textiles and other domestic […]

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by Michael Braunstein There’s an irony about the terms “alternative medicine” and “traditional medicine.” They are used exactly backwards. Ask the average American to describe “traditional” medicine and they’ll tell you it is the kind found at the behemoth hospital centers. It’s where  medical doctors use drugs, surgery and […]

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Build the Wall. Be Immune.

Build the Wall. Be Immune. Corona bologna by Michael Braunstein Bioweapon? Superbug? Freak of nature? Zoonotic lunchmeat? Well, we don’t know exactly what this newest novel virus officially named COVID-19 is all about. And in fact, it doesn’t really matter. Whether relatively benign or stealthily virulent, what anyone in their right mind would want to […]

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The Hundred BB Theory Updated The Hundred BB Theory by Michael Braunstein Have you ever wondered about the roles certain people have in your life? Perhaps you’ve met that woman or man to whom you have been explosively attracted; someone who has touched your soul like no one else. Or the person who’s done you wrong and you resent. […]