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Build the Wall. Be Immune.

Build the Wall. Be Immune. Corona bologna by Michael Braunstein Bioweapon? Superbug? Freak of nature? Zoonotic lunchmeat? Well, we don’t know exactly what this newest novel virus officially named COVID-19 is all about. And in fact, it doesn’t really matter. Whether relatively benign or stealthily virulent, what anyone in their right mind would want to […]

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Energy and Addiction

The Energy Nature of Addiction by Michael Braunstein Humans fall easily into the throes of addiction. One could almost say that it’s human nature to become addicted to something or even a lot of things. And, as the ego-mind is wont to do with anything that affects us, humans then look for outside causes to […]

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The Hundred BB Theory Updated The Hundred BB Theory by Michael Braunstein Have you ever wondered about the roles certain people have in your life? Perhaps you’ve met that woman or man to whom you have been explosively attracted; someone who has touched your soul like no one else. Or the person who’s done you wrong and you resent. […]

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Whitney is Still Searching

Julien Erhlich, the lead singer and drummer of Whitney, was in a weird place when I caught up with him over the phone.  “I’m watching a children’s yoga class at a YMCA in Birmingham, Alabama,” said Ehrlich with a laugh that acknowledged how strange his predicament was. The band had a couple of hours before […]

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The Best of the Fest: Lollapalooza 2019 Wrap-Up

Best Set of the Weekend: Janelle Monáe Janelle Monáe wasn’t a headliner, but she should have been. The ArchAndroid’s set was an absolute masterclass in pop performance and showmanship. She didn’t take a break until the 30-minute mark of her set, effortlessly rolling through Dirty Computer standouts including “Crazy, Classic, Life” and “Django Jane” before […]

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Hundreds of PPP Loans Went to Fake Farms in Absurd Places, including Nebraska

This story was originally published in ProPublica. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. by Derek Willis and Lydia DePillis The shoreline communities of Ocean County, New Jersey, are a summertime getaway for throngs of urbanites, lined with vacation homes and ice cream […]

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‘A Painter’s Yoga Journey’

Yoga might be better for us than we think. Physical benefits aside, artist Robert Bosco has found a muse in yoga, and his solo exhibition, A Painter’s Yoga Journey, opening March 30 at Gallery 1516 may save your brain as well. We’ve all heard of studies touting the psychological and stress-relieving benefits of making and […]

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You Can’t Die Laughing

You Can’t Die Laughing Healing with humor by Michael Braunstein “Laugh, laugh I thought I’d die…” In 1964, Norman Cousins lie dying at UCLA Medical Center. Doctors told him his disease was terminal and there was nothing they could do. They were only half right: There was nothing they could do. Cousins didn’t accept their […]