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In Need of Rabbit’s Foot

About three minutes into Lucky, I sighed as I realized I was about to watch a film I’ve seen hundreds of times before and will undoubtedly suffer through hundreds of times again. It stars Harry Dean Stanton, in his final film role, as Lucky, a 90-year-old creature of habit who realizes his own mortality through […]

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Power to the People

Nonprofits thrive when they find a community niche no one else serves. Next comes getting influencers and supporters to catch their vision and invest in the mission.  The entrepreneurs behind the six Omaha nonprofits featured here don’t lead the largest or the most well-known organizations. But each oversees a distinct work borne of passion and […]

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Art + Yoga

Art is the expression of human creative skill and imagination through different forms such as painting or sculpting. Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. It is a form of expression and way to practice health and relaxation by tapping into your mind, body, and spirit. Both art and yoga are forms of expression, […]

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Flu Shot? Not!

Look, we covered a lot of this just a few weeks ago but people keep asking so let’s review. How is it that we have to go over this every year and sometimes, every week? I’ll tell you. Because the drug companies, pharmacies, grocery stores, media, employers and confused people in every walk of life […]

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Tired Texan Takes the Stage

Tired of Waiting? After a few unavoidable delays, Tired Texan will host its soft open tonight on the corner of 108th and L. The establishment has completely gutted and redesigned the old Perkins on that corner, and is hoping to redefine how you eat barbeque. Texas Tumbleweeds, slow smoked ribs, and a slice of caramel […]

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Ten Questions with Mike Doughty

Mike Doughty’s music is deceptively simple but is, in fact, a sophisticated take on modern pop that reaches beyond simple rock and folk genre designations to something smarter, broader and ultimately, genuine. A brief history: Doughty was the frontman to ’90s alternative band Soul Coughing, a bratty NYC four-piece that combined post-grunge, funk and indie […]

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Widows Full of Life

Circle Theater delves into new territory, world-premiering a musical about older women off on their own exploring adventure and identity in The BOOB Girls. BOOB, as you may have already heard, means Burned Out Old Broads. But these four women are far from burned out. If anything, they still hope to have some hot times. […]

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‘A’ for Effort

Another year has passed which means we are approaching award season in all the arts and field of entertainment. Yet while film, music, performance and theater will get most of the attention, the visual arts deserves time in the spotlight as well. This is especially true as once an exhibit opens…and closes, it tends to […]

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Alternative Medicine – Nature’s Way

Magazines found in supermarket check-out lines love to run stories about alternative medicine — herbs, acupuncture, ayurveda; usually with subheadings like, “What works and what doesn’t.” Wouldn’t it be funny for a change to see a headline like “Conventional Medicine – What works; what doesn’t”? You won’t see that story though. It wouldn’t consistently sell […]