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Dr. Mysterian look at the future of drink

Technology is going to bring about a massive change in the way alcohol is consumed, the type of alcohol that is consumed, and the way we experience alcohol. One of the biggest shifts will be the development of a drug that will reverse the experience of drunkenness. With one pill, a person can go from drunk to sober in an instant. The drug will initially be developed as an antidote to potentially lethal alcohol poisoning, but will quickly gain widespread social use as a way to quickly sober up before driving home. Bars will sell the pill, and incidents of drunken driving will become so rare that penalties will increase, eventually including automatic and permanent loss of license, extended prison stays, and, if repeated, the death penalty.

We will also see the creation of new types of alcohol, and new ways of ingesting alcohol. There will be sprays, foams, lotions, even eye drops that are capable of getting people quickly and unceremoniously drunk. Beyond this, there will also be liquors made from anything that can be fermented and distilled, including milks, rare fruits, and even blood and insects. The future of drinking will be one of adventure without risk — you will be able to drink whatever you like, in whatever quantity you like, and recover from the effects the moment you desire to.

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