A new way for fast food to bug you

The future belongs to insect protein.

Fast food will continue to be popular for the near future, but will become both more adventursome and healthier. A slew of “foodie”-style fast food restaurants will spring up, dedicated to making great food quickly and affordably. Often this will mean using unusual ingredients that manage to be both low price but highly nutritious, and, with great frequency, these additives will be insect protein. Moth flour will find its way into most American foods, and, to a lesser degree, supplements made from meal worm, ant, and the like.

Initially, all but the boldest diners will find this unappealing, but it will so quickly become an accepted dietary staple that people will regularly purchase insect protein for home cooking. A century from now, fast food will actually have developed a new nickname, bug food, and insects will be so much a part of the average American’s diet that they will not believe there was a time when it was unheard of.

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