It’s everywhere; more ubiquitous than quick shops, strip malls, Walgreens or Starbucks. It penetrates buildings, rock and metal to get you. It soaks through the walls of your home like sweat through a cheap suit. It swarms through your body like ravenous piranha, impacting every function, attacking every cell. In its wake are suspected diseases of every nature, maladies of every sort: cancer, immune-system disruption, chronic fatigue and heart disease.

No, it’s not a science fiction construct, though science constructed it. It is the omnipresent, man-made and poorly understood electromagnetic field that blankets our planet, penetrates oceans and washes our bodies in waves of DNA-splitting, cell-rupturing, biochemically disrupting energy.

Electromagnetic radiation, (EMR), is the electronic and magnetic field emanating from every device that uses electricity. It can be so potent as to disrupt car engines or instantly kill a human. Or it is subtler and only time will tell how dangerous the exposure is. What is certain: it is real and it may be too late to put the genie back into the bottle.

A few items in the news recently are bringing the problem more attention. The FDA is investigating whether cell phones are harmful after some studies have suggested that. The Navy has admitted that powerful sonar systems in use are disrupting whales and indeed harming them. Localities nationwide are balking at cell phone microwave towers that blossom like weeds across our thoroughfares.

Some studies have found no evidence that power lines cause cancer, though epidemiological studies seem to contradict. And some of the research claiming that cell phones do cause cancer were done with mice exposed to as much radiation as a person would get using a cell phone 24 hours a day. But that’s just it. It’s not just cell phones and power lines out in the field. We have AC power lines much closer. Look around you. And these emanations are happening 24 hours a day. Doesn’t it just tweak your common sense that all this radiation can’t simply be without any consequence? Can it be a good idea to be blasting energy forces all over the planet willy-nilly? The fields of energy that surround us are constant and new, from AC power lines and every appliance that can be plugged in, from hairdryers and alarm clocks to blenders and microwaves. Computer terminals and wires and televisions and radios and vending machines and even the cars we drive. They are relatively new and we are only now learning what they do to us.

E-pollution solution. Energy is the life-force of the universe. Ancient healing traditions like qi gong and acupuncture recognize it and utilize it. All traditional cultures have a word for that life force. But in Western culture we look at energy in quite a different light.

Western thought sees energy as something ‘outside’ the body; something used to move things, heat things, do work and satisfy the needs of society. But while we blithely walk this planet, with hardly a thought about the millions of beams of energy blasting our bodies, our cells, DNA and biochemical processes are being severely altered and impacted in ways that we are only now beginning to investigate.

Nature is filled with radiation. The sun beams down radiation. Even overexposure to natural radiation can be a problem. But natural radiation isn’t the big health challenge we face. It’s the man-made versions that are putting our planet and us in jeopardy.

Energy comes at us in waves. It is more or less defined by where it is located along the energy spectrum. A characteristic of energy is its frequency or how frequently a wave of energy hits us in one second. At the low frequency end of the energy spectrum is what we call sound. Audible sound ranges from the frequency of 20 waves per second, also known as Hertz (Hz), up to 20,000 cycles in the audible energies. Sound exists below 20 Hz and above 20,000 Hz, it’s just that our ears don’t detect it. But it still has an effect on our body. In fact, the Defense Department has been experimenting since the 1950s with extremely low frequency (ELF) weapons. At enough volume, sound waves undetectable by the ear turn sheep’s innards to mush. But sound waves are just the beginning of the types of energies that bombard and flow through our bodies every day, having dramatic effects.

Be a chi whiz. Above the audible spectrum, energy starts to be called radio waves when it reaches around 500,000 Hz. The radio spectrum continues up past 100 million waves per second. Then we start getting into microwaves. Microwaves are pretty useful. Blast a bunch of them into a chunk of cow flesh and you can cook a roast in a few minutes. They also happen to carry sound information pretty well. That’s why we use them for cellular phone transmission. The same type of waves that toast cow cells, broadcast from towers all across the country and more importantly, from that little antenna resting next to your ear when you chat up your buds as you drive down Main Street, USA.

First of all, don’t panic! Fear does more harm than good. And then take the steps that make you healthier. Healthy means learning to allow energy to flow through you with ease. Remember, energy is not the problem — resisting energy is. If you take the care to do the things that keep a good flow of energy through your body, that’s the best thing you can do. Practices such as yoga, massage, meditation and tai chi, among others, can help us understand how to go with the flow and avoid energy overload.

Be well.

Heartland Healing examines various alternative forms of healing. It is provided as a source of information, not as medical advice. It is not an endorsement of any particular therapy, either by the writer or The Reader. Access past columns at

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