The ability to create a community will be tomorrow's most precious skill

The most powerful skill in the future will be the ability to build community. Certain professionals will rise who will be unusually skilled at using social media, or direct mail, or other mechanisms, to pull together groups of ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million, united by common interests and common goals.

For the greedy, these communities can be monetized, by sealing them merchandise, or charging for events, or having them pay just to be able to participate in the community. For others, it will exist for its own purpose; they will find value in having a group of people who share interests and can meet regularly, even if only digitally.

But for some, called “crowdmakers,” this will be an unparalleled experiment in social change. Some will make use of bloc voting and political work to push the government to become increasingly democratic. Some will gather groups to solve social issues, like homelessness. And some will harness the power of the public to introduce world-changing ideas and challenge their crowds to take these ideas and run with them.

The future doesn’t belong to the individual. It belongs to groups.

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