Time again to catch up on recent news items that affect you and your wellbeing.

And don’t let the bedbugs bite. If you’re one of millions of travelers heading out on the road for vacation this summer and plan to stop at a motel, you’ve likely already heard horror stories about bedbugs. We’re told to inspect for telltale signs of infestation: black smudges in the cracks of mattresses, etc. But investigators have found that the number one dirtiest item in a motel room is the TV remote. More nasty bacteria were found on that item than on any other. Next were the bedside light switches. For the remote, a simple solution is to carry a clear plastic Ziploc bag to put it in. My dad traveled a lot and always told me, “Never sit on or lay on the bed without turning down the bedcover.” Me, I’m not really a bacteria-phobe but I’m just sayin’…

Air Raid I just drove a few hundred miles along I-80, from Indiana to Omaha. All day long I was buzz-bombed by crop dusters as they strafed cornfields and bean fields spraying their load of toxic chemicals. Thank goodness I don’t eat any of that junk growing in those fields. Field corn is used for corn-fed meat animals, ethanol and high fructose corn syrup, none of which I consider food. About 98 percent of the soybeans grown in this country are genetically modified so I don’t eat that junk either. Both GMO corn and GMO soy are prevalent in most processed foods. These crop dusters were spraying one of several different chemicals, all of which are toxic to humans. As I watched them crisscross America’s most-traveled highway, I saw mist drifting from the fields onto cars and trucks, including mine. (And I have the video to prove it.) What to do in an instance like this? Close the windows and turn the air conditioner to the “inside air” function. You know, it seems common sense would lead us to avoid poisons. Yet we humans seem to be addicted to them.

Meat on Drugs Consumer Reports reported results of a recent poll that the vast majority of Americans want their meat to be raised without antibiotics. Fully 86 percent of shoppers say that meat raised antibiotic-free should be in supermarkets. The report also found that a majority of shoppers would be willing to pay five cents per pound more for such meat. The Consumer Reports document is available online at the site MeatWithoutDrugs.org and is a collaboration with Robert Kenner, director of the popular film, Food, Inc. About 80 percent of all antibiotics sold in the United States are used on factory farm animals to make them grow faster and to prevent disease in crowded and unsanitary conditions. This practice grows “superbugs” that are antibiotic-resistant. I say that the two most important places to avoid if you want to stay healthy are: 1) hospitals and 2) supermarkets. So stay out of hospitals and supermarkets. Not as difficult as one might think.

Delhi Meat Market. It’s not in India but in Nebraska. A feedlot near Broken Bow was fined by the EPA for defiling nearby water resources. Cow crap runoff was channeled into the neighboring creek. Buried in the details of the news report was the fact that 83,000 cattle were standing in the 600-acre feedlot the day the EPA visited. If it were people, it would be the third-largest city in the state — all packed into less than a square mile. Imagine Grand Island taking up less than 12 blocks on a side! In fact, the feedlot population density is higher than Delhi, the most crowded city in India. Or about 23 times more densely populated than Omaha. Does that make sense?

Good coffee. We’re used to reading about red wine and green tea making you healthy and now there’s a good word about coffee. Researchers in Boston looked at the numbers and found that drinking about two cups of coffee daily contributes to a healthy heart. That’s coffee, not a double-shot venti latte. There was also a statistical correlation between coffee drinking and avoiding Alzheimer’s.

Breast Cancer Zap Not So Good. Researchers at UCLA found that radiation therapy for breast cancer creates cancer cells that are 30 times more malignant. As a report stated, “…if tumors are challenged by certain stressors that threaten them (such as radiation), they generate [cells] that may, along with surviving cancer stem cells, produce more tumors.” And those newly generated cells are therapy-resistant. This is a finding that makes sense. After all, we associate radiation exposure with cancer. When doctors do the radiating, why would that be different?

Green, green, it’s green they say. File this under “WTF?” News reports that TD Ameritrade’s new building is touted as environmentally friendly. Is this the same building that has thousands of light bulbs burning all night long? While it was under construction, it was lit up like the landing site in Close Encounters. Seriously? Of course the same goes for millions of other buildings across America. What are we thinking?

Be well.

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