I wanna ramble

The future American city will be a network of walking paths

Thanks to wearable devices like the FitBit that encourage users to walk long distances, American will soon adopt the English tradition of rambling. More than just a long hike, a ramble is a leisurely walk, but one with special laws applied to it. There is the right of way, in which walkers are given priority in traffic situations, and the right to roam, which allows ramblers to walk on privately owned but uncultivated land. This allows ramblers to walk long distances, often in unexpected places, with impugnity.

These sorts of public hikes will become so popular that trails will develop, even in urban settings, where it will be common to see ramblers at all hours. These trails will develop intro greenways — special walking and biking paths bounded by scenic greenery. The average American city will have dozens or even hundreds of these, carving unique and enjoyable walking paths talong unexpected routes through the city.

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