We are about to see an epochal change in civic participation. The system we have now is inflexible and mired in bureaucracy, which makes it hard to even make necessary changes, much less experiment with new ideas. But the politics of the future will be very different.

Instead of a system of representatives making decisions for the rest of the country, a new system will arise called Open Gate Government. This philosophy will argue that it is the job of government to get out of the way of citizens governing for themselves, and that the best thing a political system can do is provide support and funding for projects that citizens develop for themselves.

This change will start out at the more unexpected level — among government bureaucrats, who actually do the day-to-day work of running the political system. Government bureaucracy will experience an invasion of young radicals who will quietly institute the mechanisms of Open Gate Government, creating the systems that make it possible for any citizen to go to a government agency, propose an idea, and find support for it, often without needing the approval of their elected representatives.

The philosophy of Open Gate Government is that, given the opportunity to get together and experiment with ideas, citizens themselves are often best qualified to come up with solutions to their problems, and they are best at creating new opportunities for themselves and for their community. This will be repeatedly demonstrated by citizen’s groups who institute enormous, visionary changes in their neighborhoods and cities, spawning entirely new industries and bringing otherwise derelict areas back to life.

Unsurprisingly, some established politicians will oppose this, as it will change their job responsibilities from being decision-makers to being supporters of the decisions made by their constituency. These politicians will briefly be able to pass laws intended to discourage Open Gate Government, but these efforts will be futile, as even without official support, the bureaucratic support will still be in place. These politicians will soon find themselves voted out of office, replaced by those who view themselves as public servants, rather than bosses.

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