Suppose we take a little theoretical trip back to pre-technology, before cars, planes, telephones and the modern advantages of electricity. Let’s say we live in the valley where our ancestors dwelt, and this little valley has answered the tribal needs of 200 or so members for all these years past, and all is good. The past has proven that our tribe of 200 or so can live and sustain itself year in and year out, with all our physical needs for survival provided. Let’s say that the elders take a survey — a census — and we find that there are now actually 250 members in our tribe. These extra numbers can/will impact our tribe’s chances for survival. Without enough food and resources, we’ll all perish. The elders deliberate, and first decide to create quests for the young adolescent males. “Here, take this empty gourd to the ocean, fill it with seawater, and return it to me.” To fulfill this quest one would have to travel back and forth, which would take at least 2 or 3 years of adventure, filled with the hardships of traveling at that time. They might never return, right? Okay, next would come the other end of the spectrum: “Hey, MOJO, you’ve lived a good, long life, huh? You’ve learned to love everyone, and they’ve learned to love you… Why don’t you just ‘lay it down’? Just quit eating, meditate yourself away, and at some time in the future we’ll accept your reincarnated spirit back into our tribe as a baby?” That’s it for the non-violent solutions. Now, suppose we are the Maya? What next? Let’s continue this meditation on my website… For now, let’s just look at the changes coming for you during 2012, the Year of the Dragon and the restart of the 25,698-year Mayan Long Count calendar — give or take a few human sacrifices. The Maya are coming… The Maya…

LIBRA (9.23-10.22)  I AND ONE OTHER; a baby and a mother, a sister and her brother, a “lovee” and a lover. What’s the planet of love? What does the word “love” have you thinking of? Who are you dreaming of? You know this whole world could fall apart, and love could/would/will still find a way… Can I get an “Amennnn”?

The Mayan astronomers/priests loved Venus the most because of its synchronistic perfection. They called it “Tlaloc,” and it was their god of war. That’s your astrological assignment for this coming year. Study Venus. Meditate and start watching her in the skies. When she twinkles, she’s talkin’ to ya. The color for Venus is light green, the color of early spring. Its metal is copper. Its number is 6. Its jewel? You are its jewel, for of all the signs, Libra is the most Venusian. Scientifically, due to the surface of Venus being covered in liquid/gases, it reflects more energy than it receives from the Sun. Now, how’s that for an astro-based definition of L O V E?

Even people who don’t believe in or use astrology know that Venus is the planet of love. From the Mayan god of war to our culture’s goddess of love, let Venus come between us. It’s time to survey 2012’s Venusian transitions and see how they aid you in the transmission of your missions. But before we put that into gear, let’s hear from Saturn, the planet that rules “time,” and see what’s about to unwind. Saturn’s in your sign ’til October, finishing off its exalted 3-year transit of Libra, begun around Halloween, 2009. Expect your relationships (ruled by Libra) to be tested. If they can stand the test of time, they will be regenerated (or die) after October 2012, during Saturn’s next transit of Scorpio. Here’s a clue: Time is a hard taskmaster. If you can just keep the ol’ guy laughing, sometimes he’ll let you seep through the cracks. Why do you think he’s so uptight? He hasn’t laughed enough. Saturn can also be placated with hard work, the paying of old debts and yoga. Take control. Teach Saturn how to sing and play music, and he’ll teach/help you to survive in exchange. Times are tough. Tighten up your belt and get real, stay limber and study ZEN.

Meanwhile, back on Venus… Ow! Ow! Hot! Hot! Owwww! Ow! Ow… OOOOwwww! I’d love to end this/it right here, but I promised you a 2012 Venus trek, didn’t I? And you know what happens to people who don’t keep their promises…? Times up! People don’t keep their promises to them. You get through the holidays and halfway through January riding your love for humanity (Venus in Aquarius) ’til late on Friday, January 13th, when Venus enters Pisces after kissing Neptune goodbye on the Aquarian/Pisces cusp, followed by the Moon entering Libra in opposition to the planet Uranus in Aries, as your ruler Venus sextiles Jupiter in Taurus. Quite a weekend! The Moon conjuncts Saturn at 9:00 a.m., Omax time, in time for the Moonday morning “OMG! What have I done?!” wakeup call. You’re searching for your “morning after pill” to kill a little disaster… OMG! That was yesterday morning!

Where were we? Oh, yeah…Venus… Venus transits Pisces, its sign of exaltation, from January 14th ’til February 8th. My suggestion is for you to just hang out in a Shangri La of your own making — just you and the one other you’re craving. If there’s no one yet to join with, then it’s time (Saturn in Libra) to learn to love yourself. You can’t really accept anyone else’s intelligent love ’til you’ve learned to love yourself, right? If you give love, you’ll get love. If you don’t, you won’t.

Venus in Aries (February 8th ’til March 5th) is the love of the new and exciting, taking a leadership role and “Me first!” — not necessarily in that order. In your case it’s the red comet of attraction blazing across your horizon, forcing you to question your satisfaction reaction. Why does it hurt so good? Why does it all make sense once you’re in love? I think I hear “da blues…” Why is it more fun being in love than not? Why is (fill in the name) sooo HOT!?

Venus seeks stability while transiting Venus-ruled Taurus from March 5th ’til April 3rd. That’s the word. Then, the bird’s gonna fly high into Gemini. Venus enters the sign of the twins, and you’re wondering “why.” It’ll all come down to a choice between two for you… You’re almost done by the middle of May, and then your friend turns around again and starts to flow the other way, ’til Wednesday, June 27th, when Venus goes direct once more. On August 7th, Venus enters Cancer (Time to take it home? You bet!), and Mercury goes direct in Leo, your 11th House. Some friends — a Leonine king or queen at a party — may have the answer. But what’s the question? Did I forget to mention that you’re going to seek and expect the royal treatment (Venus in Leo) from September 6th ’til October 3rd, when Venus will enter Virgo and you(’ll) reap what you’ve sown, and see if you’re still all alone… Make it a happy birthday either way. You’re born again (if you need to be?) for October 15th’s Cazimi New Moon, at dawn. Meditate on the rising Sun and/to be reborn. It’ll prove, in some way, to be your 2012 New Year’s Day! Let the magique happen. Let Venus come between us. Sounds like your song, doesn’t it? You are THE HIPS.

SCORPIO (10.23-11.22)  I AND THE UNIVERSE are one. This is true before our first breath, and after our last. Scorpio explores the mysteries of birth and death, the front and back doors of this 3-D living experience; our doorways from and to the great mystery. Scorpios need an ultimate system of wholeness to center themselves within in order to feel secure. Scorpio is the strongest, yet weakest, of all the signs. Slice their arm off and they’ll spit in your face, but a little paper cut or a hangnail… OMG! They go nuts! Oh, yeah, they invented revenge, too. And not little revenge… More like over-the-top revenge! Don’t piss ’em off. They’ll never forgive nor forget, no matter what they might have to say or pretend to regret. Scorpio is a/the “fixed” water sign. Fixed water is cold as ice. The cold, wet ice and snow of Scorpio, falling during October/November, puts out the spring fires initiated during Aries the Ram.

There are at least 5 totem animal symbols for Scorpio. The first 3 relate to the physical, mental and spiritual values/levels of human experience. They are represented by the scorpion, the serpent, and the eagle who rises above it all. Next, we have the peacock, with its pride and fancy, sexually-initiated/-oriented display, and finally, the dove. There are 2 doves; the gray dove who seeks peace because it doesn’t want to get/be involved, and the white dove who wants peace because it is the Way.

There are 2 planetary rulers for Scorpio; Mars, with its vibrant red rush, and/or the enigmatic, compelling Pluto, signifying the black velvet of night and death and the Lord of Hades. Let’s start with the mysterious one first. The word “Pluto” translates as “the rich one.” All sources of economic wealth come from the realms of the earth and underground: gold, silver, diamonds, precious metals, gems, agriculture and real estate itself. But, as we regenerate, we may find that the true “wealth” of the human experience supersedes coin. Pluto is the planet that rules regeneration. Pluto is currently (since 2008) in economically-oriented Capricorn ’til 2024, affecting the world economy (this time at the executive levels) and regenerating whatever astrological House (life activity) it’s transiting in your chart. Pluto rules mass communication and executives. Very few of us (less than 1%) function through/with the Plutonian energy, but those who do get paid very well. You don’t become a millionaire working for someone else. Pluto in Capricorn also could/would/should(?) translate as regeneration (Pluto) through yoga; the highest “fruit” of India’s culture — ruled by Capricorn.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Energy (ruled by Mars) finds its best uses through channeling/being channeled. So right now, here in Capricorn, is an excellent time to discuss this year’s Martian transits. Mars starts out in Virgo, where it’s been since November 9th. That’s good news for your hard work ethic, but alas, once we cross into the sign of the unexpected, Aquarius, on January 20th, and observe the New Moon on January 22nd, Mars retrogrades on January 23rd, the Chinese New Year, ’til mid-April. That’s got to bode delays at work, arguments over money and missed details that have to be addressed, while you cope and compensate by overeating. Virgo rules the intestines. The timing of the retrograde (during Aquarius) underscores the main purpose and usage of Mars in Virgo, transiting your theoretical 11th (Aquarian) House, reminding you that your lessons have to do with working in tandem with people. With Mars retrograde ’til Friday, April 13th, the merciless god of war will be questioning your choice of helpers. Some weeding out “May”/will be necessary. You will readdress your work/project of last November and get it right by the 4th of July, when you’ll observe the psychological impact on your sense of worth — or lack of it — in direct relationship with your pragmatic sense of accomplishment and self. Mars isn’t happy in Libra, your 12th House. It’s too “airy-faerie” for you — and there are too many psychological questions. You’re due to answer them as/when Mars enters your sign from August 23rd ’til October 6th. Mars leaves just as Saturn enters Scorpio. Hint: Maybe this time the new is replaced by the old? We’ll see… Mars conjuncts the Hunab Ku on November 13th, getting you personally ready for the Mayan cosmogenesis. Maybe you are a Plutonian after all? You’ll know after the wind up of the Mayan Long Count calendar, on December 23rd. Mars is the foot soldier, the eager-beaver lieutenant. Pluto is the other-worldly, world-wise executive general. You are THE GENITALS, symbolizing elimination and regeneration.

SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.21)  I AND MY TRIBE… These are the groups of people that know you as you know them. No pretensions are necessary — nor even possible. You know their limits as they know yours. This feeling of community is an essential quality in every worthwhile human group endeavor; especially so as we continue moving into the altruistic Aquarian Age. We are, and must learn to realize ourselves as, brothers and sisters of/on this planet. “Until we learn to love one another, we’re just learning to live together, learning to live together…” —From the song, “Space Captain” by Matthew Moore, sung by Joe Cocker.

Your ruling planet is the far-ranging traveler, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, optimism, generosity and luck. The more optimistic and generous you become, the more luck will try to find you. Jupiter just restarted at 0 degrees Taurus after retrograding since last September; reiterating, reflecting and re-affecting whatever endeavors you initiated last June. Jupiter takes a year to transit through each sign, so however Jupiter in Taurus translates into your life, it should/will culminate during June, 2012. In addition to the feelings and benefits of altruism, Jupiter in Taurus deals with making money and gaining wealth. Your key concept here is value. It’s up to you to decide what is of value to you. What do you really need and want? Look at your overall goals, and how you can achieve them. Taurus gets it done — eventually. Resources will be the/your key to unlock the doors to the mystery of/to your economy. Recognize what has real worth, and not just symbolic value.

The best and ultimate use of this material world is to develop self-understanding. What you do and where you take what you’ve learned since June, 2011 will present itself after June, 2012, as Jupiter moves into Gemini (during Gemini) on June 11th. With Gemini, it’s always 50/50, so it could/would/should go either way… The Full Moon in June is in Sagittarius, at dawn on June 4th. That’ll be the/your wake-up call on any/your new intellectual, mental, communicative endeavors, particularly involving any/your one-on-one situations.

With Jupiter on your side, yours is the luckiest of signs. You invented gambling so you could take advantage of this affinity. In the astrological analogy to the human body, Sagittarius is THE THIGHS — so’s you can get there before/faster than anyone else. Yours is the sign of THE PROPHET. Wanna bet?

CAPRICORN (12.22-1.20)  I waited ’til the Capricorn New Moon to start this. Timing is so important. That’s how/why astrology was born; through an interest in timing. Our culture says the year equals 365.22 days. That somewhat (.03?) answers the “why” of why we have a leap year. The Maya, the finest astronomer/mathematicians on record in this cycle of understanding, suggest that the year cycle is 365.4922. According to that, we should have a “leap year” every 2 years. Think about it. The 4 seasons break the year down into quadrants of 3 astrological signs each. The Moon circles the same zodiac every 60 hours. The New Moons and Full Moons are always 14 days apart. There are 13 a year. That’s how we start to measure the heartbeat (1 second) to and through the IMMENSITY of our understanding.

I AND THE FRUITS OF THE EARTH. The distributors of wealth. The mature views and lessons coming down through the years, and traditions — those things that have stood the test of time. The planet that rules “time” is Saturn, the traditional ruler of Capricorn. Saturn has been in its sign of exaltation, Libra, over the last 2 years, ’til October, 2012. Its lessons in harmony, music and balance started designing a new you around Halloween, 2009. Did you have a good time? Think back. Now, finish up with dignity and class what you started then. Be done by next October. Hint: Make it beautiful.

Saturn starts 2012 in the last, most powerful degrees of Libra. You’ve got to be feeling good, but let’s look ahead. January’s cool, groovin’ and finishing up… But, ooops… Forgot something! (You — not me.) Saturn moves retrograde on the Full Moon in Leo on February 7th, until June 25th, when it moves direct once again and finishes its Libra transit in early October. Think of it as a little time for more polishing on the gem that is your life, your loves, and the song you are becoming.

On the Full Moon on January 8th/9th, Mercury enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto at dawn on Friday the 13th! Scared? It’s either love, sex, money — or all 3. You can figure it out, right? Then you’ve got the 2nd Full Moon (as stated in the paragraph above). The next 2 Full Moons, on March 8th and April 6th, are almost lunar/Saturnian conjuctions. Some (-one’s?) ole lady’s checkin’ up on you… Make sure that your accounts are in order. Don’t want to make your momma mad… The one you’ve got to watch out for is July 3rd’s “Fool” Moon (God bless America!) in your sign; your half-birthday. You’ve got to show up on those Full Moons with your agenda and accomplishments in hand. Good luck. Capricorn rules THE KNEE, and we can’t stand up without thee. We look to you for stability.

AQUARIUS (1.21-2.19)  I AND ALL (HU)MANKIND. We are all brothers and sisters of the planet. We will all learn that in the next 2000 or so years, during the Aquarian Age, just as we have learned of the gifts of LOVE from the departing Piscean-Age avatar.

Venus (love) is exalted in Pisces. Mercury (mentality) is exalted in Aquarius. That would imply that the avatar(s?) of this, the coming Aquarian Age, would be the divine incarnation of Intelligence, here to help us figure this whole (world economy) mess out and get us back on (divine) track. As we start out on this astrological star trek right now, science is our God and technology is our savior. Electricity will be our key and altruism will help open any doors into our future. By your living example, lead us on the way into the Aquarian Age. The “water” within the vase of the Aquarian water bearer is grace, chi, qi or prana. We can expect an outpouring of spiritual energy. Drink deep. “May you never thirst.”

Your ruler, the planet Uranus, started transiting the sign of new starts, Aries, in June 2010, and finishes the sign in March, 2019. After retrograding (back into Pisces) from July ’til December, 2010, Uranus stayed in the sign of Pisces ’til March, 2011, when it went forward into Aries, retrograded again in July and started moving forward again at 0 degrees Aries in December. After all that, you must feel as mixed up as I am… Check those dates, but what’s more important is that now you’ve got an idea of what to expect for these next 7 years of rebirth and initiation(s) — the realm of Aries. You’ll find out if “leading” is a/your predilection, or not. If not, you’ve got 7 years to find one. On March 22nd/23rd/24th, the New Moon is in Aries, and both the Sun and Moon will conjunct the planet Uranus at 4 degrees Aries. That’s your rebirth. Either prepare, or you’ll unexpectedly be forced to prepare for an unexpected new start.

Study astrology, electricity and the occult. Learn from science, learn another language (Español?), or visit another/warmer country (See ya in Cabo? Check out the pyramids?). Wear red to get ahead, work on anger issues, work out, admit you love sports, fall in love with someone (way) younger than yourself, be a pioneer in — or of — something new and exciting, learn to control your emotions, find out in what ways you’re really still a child, teach us as though we were still children, and expect the unexpected to be here and gone quickly. You are THE ANKLES of the zodiac.

PISCES (2.20-3.20)  I AND ALL LIFE… You are crossing borders, on the cusp of change. Anything can happen. The planet Uranus has at last ceased stirring things up via its 7-year sojourn in your sign, setting the scene for your mystical ruler Neptune to enter Pisces for/in a languishing year from now. We’re on the cusp. Neptune moves slow and deep as the ocean, taking 14 years to go through each sign. We’ll see how deep runs your ocean of possibility. Anything you can think or dream about can happen. You will either see through — or become — your illusions, and since Pisces is 2 fish moving in opposite directions, perhaps both? “For, you see, there are no good nor evil fish in the aquarium of God. It’s just a matter of whether you’re having dinner, or you are dinner. And yes, a hundred million, zillion fish just ate it today, but a hundred million, zillion fish will be born tomorrow.” From “PISCES,” the 12th song on the Year of the Dragon release of “THE ZODIAC,” from 7 Times 7 recordings.

Jupiterians: (Favorite color: royal blue.) Jupiter just moved direct this last Christmas Eve, at 0 degrees Taurus. Jupiter entered Taurus last June, and is now sprinting through (to make up for lost ground?) Taurus once again, ’til June 11th. This spring is gardening time for you. Taurus is a productive Earth sign. Gardening can take many forms, but the simple act of getting your bare feet onto the bare Earth has so many wonderful ZEN lessons and perks that you just don’t/can’t get in school.

After June 11th, it’ll be time for you to communicate, as Jupiter drops into Gemini for the coming year. It affects your home center… Bigger? Larger? Two relationships? Foreign country? Brothers and sisters! Exercise (for the lungs) and using your hands. Time to write that book that you’ve been promising, threatening, yearning, learning and burning to write. Everybody’s got one in ’em, right? Get ahead of the game and start looking through your files now. You’ve got a year and a half from now before you publish.

Neptunians: (Favorite color: purple.) This next year finishes your 13-year cycle of studying humanity up close and personal. You’ve had to venture forth from the confines of your Shangri La existence and observe the best and worst of humanity. Since 1998 you’ve seen, observed and learned about the highs and lows of human life, no holds barred, instead of the nice, insulated, antiseptic TV version, a la “Leave It to Beaver” (but I still wonder about that title?), that didn’t allow “dirty talk,” “dirty jokes” or the exposure of Barbara Eden’s belly button, and apparently didn’t even have toilets.

The only interesting (read successful?) thing about today’s reality shows is watching them get into the “dirt” for ratings. Unfortunately, it would seem to be more fun watching messed up people messing up than it is watching regular people maintaining their status quo? Evidently so… “At least we don’t live in THAT trailer court, Honey.” Snookie, I’m sorrrrrry, but you don’t deserve to be a millionaire.

You’ll have to work past all these lesser attitudes to emerge from the waters of life and become your highest Piscean self as Neptune (the planet of mysticism) swims through Pisces from April, 2011 ’til January, 2026, finishing its retrograde visit of Aquarius (the sign of the occultist and the human) this past November. You are the power that the Uranian/Aquarian seeks to shed its electric, light-blue ray upon. Now, with what you’ve learned and gathered since 1998, you have the vocabulary to share your dreams, your schemes and your vision with a questioning/questing humanity. To communicate, you have to speak a person’s language. Time to pay ’em back (one way or the other) for your reeducation. Make a movie. Write that book. Feeling becomes revealing. Reveal to us, for you are THE MYSTIC.

ARIES (3.21-4.20)  I AM the pioneer, the initiator, the leader. “Follow me! Me first!” Sound familiar? It does to — or for — your friends and the people who grew up with you. You HAVE “grown up,” haven’t you? Ahhh… Do we recognize a “Peter Pan” syndrome when we see it in the/our mirror? Your sign rules the human lifespan from birth ’til 7 years of age, and you(’ll) spend the rest of your life trying to be/stay there! “Mommmy! Mommmy! MOJO’s pickin’ on me again!” Sound familiar?

Meanwhile, back to 2012… Here you are working your booty off during the first 3 weeks of January, and BAM! Here comes the unexpected, as the Sun moves into Aquarius, the sign of the unexpected. Who could/would/should have expected that? YOU — that’s who! What did you forget? Details(?), details(?), details(?)! (Not your best suit, huh?) Get the message? Hire a Virgo to run your filing system.

On this year’s Chinese New Year (of the Dragon), on January 23rd, your ruler Mars moves retrograde at 23 degrees in Virgo, putting your accomplishment goals onto the back burner ’til it goes direct on the Ides of April, when it will be time for you/us to “spring” back into action once again. It’s all about working together for these next 6 years. Mars finishes its transit of Virgo on the 4th of July, when it moves into your opposite sign of Libra, the sign of one-on-one partnerships. More on that in a minute. First, let’s get used to the view from outer space…

The esoteric ruler of Aquarius, the planet Uranus (yeah, I’ve heard that joke before), has been in your sign (yeah, I can imagine that one too) since March, 2011, and will stay there until just before your birth time in the year two thousand and one-nine (anything for a rhyme, anytime). Seven and eleven will be/are your lucky numbers! Let the dice roll! If you don’t go, you won’t know. The electric, light-blue hue is due to catch up to some of you — perhaps 10 percent, and half of those (and maybe you) will mess that up too! Hey, otherwise everyone would jump on the esoteric bandwagon (’cuz it’s FUN — that’s why!), and it wouldn’t/couldn’t be defined as esoteric anymore. The occult, the eccentric, the unusual, the bizarre — and whichever of you know who and/or what you/we truly are? When you wish upon a star, the stars have something good to say to and/or for you, from afar. The planet Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Since Mercury rules communication, the planet Uranus would most likely rule cosmic communication. Know any good astrologers? Look up and listen up. When the stars twinkle, they’re talking to/with you. Let’s keep in touch and I’ll keep you informed, as we move along and through this exhilarating Uranian transit. Forewarned is forearmed! Expect the unexpected. The computer, the lovechild of television and the Aquarian Age, may/might/will/could/should prove to be the key in opening any of your seemingly locked doors. As you’ll see, it’s time for you and me to educate ourselves in regard to every eventuality. Learn that from the life and example of Steve Jobs.

Orbiting a notch closer — from the esoteric to the mundane — the planet Saturn continues in opposition to your sign ’til October, particularly affecting those born in mid-April and/or those with any planets in Aries’ last 10 degrees. Some type of maturity is at hand, and proper thanks should always be offered to those who help our maturity in any way. Pay off any departing dues to/toward your life’s “gray hues,” or you’ll wish you had — after they’ve gone and you’re left with the blues. Let ’em know you care before it’s too late. You’ll think it’s over, but it’s not. While Saturn finishes transiting opposite to thee, patience will always be a/the key.

How about money? Hmm… It’s a good year, Kemosabe. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, starts off New Year’s at the beginning of Taurus, your theoretical second House of money, possessions, finances, income and the “morals” you’ll roll over to get to ’em. How much would you sell out for — to get how much? You’ll expand through music, the use of your voice, landscaping, gardening, the merry month of May, rich beautiful people…did I mention love? It’s always better to be in love than not, right? Nobody’s ever argued with me on that. Just a thought and a possibility, as Jupiter transits Taurus ’til mid-June. Then, it’ll be time to write about it or choose between the (or any) two. How does the MOJO know?

The Full Moon in Aries, your half-birthday, is on September 29th, and you should wear something electric light blue. It’s a good day to consult an astrologer, study the occult (not your best suit), and expect the unexpected. Your individuality, the unique truth of who you truly are, is/could/will be at hand.

Meanwhile, as promised back around July 4th, you are offered an opportunity to start looking at yourself in the mirror of your/any concrete accomplishments. The work that you started last November (when your ruler Mars entered Virgo) may be all but over, but not the critical commentary — by both yourself and others — upon your efforts, thus limiting your perspective of who and what you think you are. That little bit of information is due to come forward, whether sought or not, from your/any “partners” you’ve encountered/acquired along your route. You’ve got ’til Virgo (September 23rd) ’til you hit upon the truth that, #1 Nobody becomes a millionaire working for someone else (not in this town, anyway) and #2 Nobody does it better, nor is better suited to lead than your glorious self! After all, you are THE FACE. All please rise… How does the MOJO know?

TAURUS (4.21-5.20) I HAVE. You start out this new year in gear. Jupiter has just moved direct at 0 degrees Taurus, and has you back in your June 2011 mindset. Think back. You’ve got ’til next June (5 months from now) to get it or forget it — if/since you’ve got some BIG romance in mind? What — or who — do you love at this time? Who or what does my question make you think of? Admit it, at least to yourself. It’s more fun being in love than not, isn’t it? Expand and be generous, good-natured and kind, and see what kind of karma you’ll find. Jupiter rules generosity and luck. The more generous you become, the more luck will try to find you. Mid-March has YOU in love in a BIG way! It May (hint, hint) not be as it would seem, since Mercury is/will be retrograde, but isn’t it rumored that “the forbidden tastes better”? Explain it to the judge: “It just felt soooo gooood.” We’ll get further into it when we check out Venus — and remember, you were born to check out Venus!

You have 2 rebirths this year, as we will experience 2 (there’s that number again) Full Moons on both cusps of Taurus. The first is the magnificently powerful “Cazimi” Moon on the cusp of April 20th/21st. Get up early or stay up late. This is your best time to put together a plan that culminates on the New Moon Solar Eclipse at sunset on May 20th, when Jupiter also conjuncts Mercury, all in Taurus. Use this cosmic window of opportunity and success.

In mid-June, Jupiter moves into your 2nd theoretical House of Gemini. Take what you’ve learned by then (so far this year) and communicate, write and seek to gain some sort of economic benefit from what you’re about to learn ’til June. From mid-June 2012 ’til June 2013, two choices will reach out for you and two voices will speak out to you — the good versus the pleasant. Learn to recognize the differences. As always, you win or lose depending on how you choose. Your first response is your heart; the second is your mind. I always recommend the path of the heart. It may take longer, but win or lose, it imbues your life with more meaning. And what, may I ask, is/would be your/our highest purpose of incarnation? That’s why — the proof that — love is the way.

Speaking of love: Your ruler Venus, the planet of love, starts 2012 in friendly, nefarious Aquarius, and you are oh-so-friendly with humankind. Then, in mid-stream/-January, the planet of love moves into its exaltation in the sign of the 2 fishies, Pisces, ’til the 2nd week in February. Pisces is a 50/50 sign (mutable), so I see half of you having a truly mystical experience and the other half deciding you’ll just stay drunk throughout the winter — the Pisces solution. Hey, when in Rome… I hope you’ll have some…aaahh…wine wid’ da Pope? Hiccup! Speaking of Rome, on February 8th Venus moves into your 12th House of Aries the Ram, allowing you to be — once again — your own worst enemy. You may prove too quick to make assumptions, too ready with an antagonistic rebuttal, and too quick to anger — making you too tempted to swagger. In your 12th House, it can work against you. (There’s always someone BIGGER!) Lock the safety on your automatic, and avoid the tragic and/or the too dramatic!

If you can avoid becoming your own worst enemy, you’ll still be with us and be able/around to enjoy March 5th through April 3rd/4th, which is when your ruler Venu$ move$ into Gemini a$ Mercury goe$ direct. Good new$ for you! In the process, around midnight on March 13th/14th your ruler Venus conjuncts the previously mentioned planet of luck, optimism and expansion, Jupiter, at 8/9 degrees Taurus. This will particularly — amorously — affect those born a week before and/or a week after May Day — or any planets in the first 15 degrees of Taurus. Something’s got to happen/give…to live as has been foretold, or it “May” well (will) explode! The time is/will be right to ignite your dyn-o-mite! Could it be the Mother Lode? Good luck is/will be with you as you mine for gold. Use it before you lose it. Cosmic energy one doesn’t use (to light the fuse) often turns to the blues against you. It’s just part of the rules to keep true power away from the fools. Nothing personal; we all start out as the Fool (which is Aries — don’t tell ’em). As a Taurus you are, of “chorus,” THE VOICE.

GEMINI (5.21-6.21)  I THINK the Hunab Ku is ready to talk with, to and through you. On January 5th the Moon enters Gemini (where it stays ’til Saturday, January 7th), whilst Mercury transits at 26/27 degrees of Sagittarius, which is opposite the Moon and conjunct the “Hunab Ku,” known as the galactic center and the god of the Maya. Its literal meaning is “supreme being.” Mercury, both your ruler and the planet ruling mentality and communication, transits on the exact spot where the Earth will return and be born once again after 25,698 years, around December 23rd, 2012, the end (and beginning) of the Mayan Long Count calendar. Now maybe that’s not your cup of cacao, but sometimes the unfolding of the universe invites us into its mysteries, and if we don’t listen, the forces that be sometimes take over and you’ll know how it feels to be/feel like me. (That’s where my Moon is.) Not everyone is ready or prepared for the mystical reality. It’s for those who have eyes to “see.” We’ll “see,” won’t we?

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Mercury moves into the pragmatic Earth sign of Capricorn on the Full Moon in Cancer on January 8th, as you start to gravitate toward a more pragmatic economic situation in order to continue to pay for your car, your gas, your food and your habitat — the necessities of your physical existence. It’s just for a short while, though; ’til Friday, January 27th, when you’ll decide to throw off the yoke and treat it all like a joke. Revolution for the hell of it! You’re entranced with/by the smell of it. It smells like freedom. It’s a good time for you to study the occult, or give astrology (the timing of the occult world) a spin… In book called “Astrology, the Space Age Science” (by Joseph F. Goodavage), the author suggests that anyone who has studied astrology for a year will observe its merit, worth and value. I owe everything to it. Astrology turned my life around. Through the study of it I found a type of order in the universe, and if you can find a type of order that is consistent, then at least as far as that system is concerned, it is an ordered universe. Of course, then you(’ll) have to take responsibility for (all of) your actions… Oh, Jesus! …What’s on TV?

Mercury conjuncts Neptune on Valentine’s Day and then visits Pisces ’til March, when it enters Aries and conjuncts the planet of the unusual, the unexpected and the bizarre, Uranus, on March 5th. Mercury then retrogrades (starting March 12th) ’til April 4th, reminding us all that we can still play the Fool. Hint: It’ll be a replay of Valentine’s Day. Start fresh around mid-April, and plant it into the Earth to find what your dreams are worth on May 9th.

The New Moon on Sunday, May 20th, has the Sun and Moon entering Gemini hand-in-hand. It’s your best moment yet, followed by your best 2 weeks, ’til the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 4th. The Sun conjuncts Venus in Gemini from June 5th ’til after Mercury leaves Gemini on June 7th. That marks your cosmic rebirth to find what your dreams are really worth.

You’re Gemini; you like it short and sweet, quick and fast. It’ll be your turn/time to gasp and grasp to understand. You are the lungs, the mind and THE HANDS.

CANCER (6.22-7.22)  I FEEL that with those BIG pincers of yours you hold onto things — perhaps too long? Especially when people have hurt you… Do you really have to place the pain so close to your most sensitive of hearts? Maybe you have something to prove? Maybe you have something to learn? Maybe it just hurts so good? How does the MOJO know? Hypochondria, where is thy sting? You move forward with an erratic gait. Your shell is to protect your most intimate inner nature from those that are “unfeeling.” Your domicile (your dwelling) is to your body as your body is to the spirits that we truly are. You use ’em both to protect and keep warm all that you CHERISH and hold dear. Your number is always 2. Watch for — and then follow — the transits of the Moon, and remember “witch” signs as your karma unwinds. The Moon changes signs every 60 hours. The first steppingstone toward astrological study, relevance, interpretation and knowledgeable usage starts with our observations and interpretations of the Moon through the signs, especially the Full Moons. There are 13 Full Moons a year, harkening back to the matriarchy. Thus could be explained the fear of the number 13, or “triskaidekaphobia,” from our current solar-oriented (12 months/12 signs) patriarchy. I’ve always loved 13. Thirteen is Pluto. It seems to be a Mayan favorite. To them, half of 13 was 7, not 6.5, as it is in our culture. Seven plus 13 equals 20. Twenty times 13 equals 260; their holy number. Ours is 360 (More on the Maya in the intro, above.) Meanwhile, back to/at/on the Moon.

The first Full Moon of 2012 is in your sign late Sunday/early Moonday, January 8th/9th. It’s your half birthday. Where do you want to be 6 to 7 short Moons from now? There are 2 Cazimi New Moons, rising on your 2 cusps, for your astrological perusal this year. The first is on June 19th, at lunchtime, and the second is at midnight on July 18th. These are excellent opportunities to study the effects of these spectacular lunar aspects and the benefits to — and for — yourself. Astro-logic suggests starting something during those 2 periods. We’ll see…

Meanwhile, back at the January 9th Full Moon in Cancer; Pluto is/will be in opposition. This Pluto opposition started back on Halloween 2008. What started happening to/for you then? The purpose of this opposition that you’ll feel in/for these next 12 years, while Pluto continues to transit Capricorn, will be caused by your need/opportunities to regenerate. As compensation, there will be BIG MONEY in it for you — if you do it right. Do I sense a (rich? sexy?) Scorpio(?) in the woodpile, perhaps hiding in the wings? There are more Cancer millionaires than in any other sign; driven mostly by their fear and insecurities, I’d imagine. I’ll keep you posted on the Pluto opposition ’til 2024 — and perhaps more, Inshallah.

Two weeks after the Full Moon always comes the New Moon, throughout the 12 signs. The New Moons represent the real start of the astrological month. The Aquarius New Moon rises late on January 22nd (There’s that number, twice again!) and early the morning of the 23rd in Omaha, which heralds the Chinese New Year; the Year of the Dragon. Time to get dynamic! You can tell a great deal about a culture and what they have to say by where they celebrate their New Year’s Day.

Every 14 days we move from New Moon to Full Moon, and then from Full Moon to New Moon, influenced by the signs and/plus any planets aspecting the Sun and/or the Moon as they alternately oppose and conjunct every 2 weeks. If we are creative partners in the music of the spheres (and we are!), then leave the big, bold, powerful departure-from-the-norm statements to the Taurean, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarian and Sagittarian composers. Your expertise and primary statements exist within “the phrase.” You’re here for flavor, and/or to “funk it up”!

There are 2 corresponding body parts ruled by the sign of Cancer. You are THE BIG, MILKY BREASTS of a lactating female, and/or THE STOMACH. Hungry? How does the MOJO know that maybe it’s not food you seek? Bon appétit!

LEO (7.23-8.22)  I RADIATE… From the worship of our Sun comes our concern about/with our religious centering. The Sun is to our bodies as the spirit which animates us is to our truest reincarnating selves. I’m sorry if I’ve jumped too far ahead too soon (what a metaphor!), but the beauty of astrology implies reincarnation. It’s all too beautiful and too complex to expect our humble little monads to figure it all out one time through. Sure, we started by worshipping the Moon (many of us still do), but the wisest, solar-inspired of us realize that the mirror of the night, the Moon, reflects our solar logos; i.e., this physical 3-D reality is actually powered by a spiritual dimension. That’s your metaphor. That’s what this incarnation is for. You’re here to be a leader. A leader without followers remains a hermit. You need social relevance or some sort of fame to flame on and become the lion or lioness you were born to be.

The season of the Sun, summer, is delineated by 3 signs. There’s Cancer, symbolizing the gatherer of the raw material of the ego; Leo, the proper use of the ego and Virgo, the perfection of the ego. The sign of Cancer uses its pincers to gather the raw material from the beginnings of the zodiac — the signs of spring. From Aries is gathered the “I AM” of selfhood, from Taurus the “I HAVE” of social status, and from Gemini the “I THINK,” or what you have to offer intellectually within your social milieu. These 3 gathered components seed, foundation and facet your/our sense of being.

For these last 13 years the planet Neptune has been in opposition to your Leo Sun and any other natal planets you have in Leo. This transit offers vague and indefinable opposition. That’s the worst kind when it comes to recognizing and diagnosing situations that require your understanding to achieve harmony and polarization. For all of you Arthurs and Guineveres, wizards and mystics are usually only good for “Merlining” against your enemies (real or imagined) — the misuse of spiritual energy, or black magic. The trident spear of Neptune degenerates into the scepter of Satan, poking you in the butt and allowing your individual ego to supersede for a moment the all-pervading ego that roots and includes all of life, not just your tiny little temporary experience of this universe. The planet Neptune rules Maya, or illusion. What have you felt beneath the surface of the experiences during these last 13 years, since whatever happened to/for you in 1998? If you can define it — it’s not Maya. The desire to seek beneath the veil of manifestation causes us to journey toward what others would see as our spiritual quest. The answer to your quest is known only to you. You’ve got one more year to wrap it up (be)for(e) Christmas, 2012.

The 2 Moons to watch for are the February 7th Full Moon at 18 degrees of Leo, and the New Moon at 25 degrees Leo on August 17th. You are THE HEART.

VIRGO (8.23-9.22)  I PERFECT…as a verb, NOT a noun. I am not the object — I am the work. I am Mother/Father Nature, and in some way the parent of everyone I know. I am perfection in detail. I am creativity in potential. I am the humble magique of the Earth that allows the seed to sprout. I am the/your daily bread.

Dear Virgo, dearest Mother Nature — without you there could be no life on this planet. You are akin to Pan and the regenerative sensuality that rekindles the flame of life. You are the intriguing/enchanting hills and valleys of our human minds and bodies, the oh-so-goody-goodies and the OOOoooo-so-naughties, the ever virgin. You are the combined power of the Sun (Leo) and the Moon (Cancer), where ideas fructify into manifestation to feed the various appetites of a hungry nation and world — the realm of Virgo. And then, after that, you’ve got to educate and entertain ’em! What a mother! Thanks, Mom.

Now, back to 2012… Here come the Maya! On Friday, January 6th, your ruler Mercury is conjunct the Hunab Ku, the center of our Milky Way Galaxy (or, at least, the direction toward it) and the GOD of the Maya, at 26/27 degrees Sagittarius. Listen. Join me and the rest of the 2012 media in experiencing whatever astrological event and galactic rebirth December 23rd, 2012 has to offer. Read up to get/find the vocabulary you’ll need, and let’s use 2012 to study and discern whatever we can about/from the magnificent Maya.

After our little outer space soiree on January 6th, Mercury enters practical, pragmatic Capricorn around midnight between January 7th/8th, in opposition to the Full Moon in Cancer. Sounds like an argument with a girl, between 2 girls, or at least, about a girl, all followed by the harsh, economic, rude, reality-awakening wakeup call on Moonday morning. The party’s finally over. What a weekend — and all that’s left is the bill$. Ahhh, but wait — hope’s just around the corner. Rest up. The Moon moves into Virgo on the 12th, and around Friday the 13th(!) in opposition to Venus, which is in its exaltation in Pisces. Boom! Somebody’s fallin’ in LOVE, and maybe(?) not telling anybody about it. “They’ll never know…” ’Til someone unexpectedly drops a little bombshell during or after the last week in January, as Mars just happens to be retrograding in your sign ’til spring. Possible violence? Possible mechanical problems? Possible cheatin’ spouses? “Hey! I hear your wife’s been cheatin’ on us!” Better keep it in your pants, Pardner. And ladies, everybody knows! You can’t wipe the smile outta yer eye…

Ah… Where were we? Oh, yeah. With Mars retrograde, that delays any projects. You’ll get to ’em much easier if they’re on your spring agenda. Make sense? Study electricity, computers, astrology, the occult, Bucky Fuller and/or Nichola Tesla — the electric Buddha. Study the mysterious power that allows you and us to live like kings and queens. Read with your 3rd eye ’til Mid-February, when Mercury crosses over from the occult investigator, Aquarius, into the wandering, floating, free mysticism of Pisces. Ah…your opposite sign. Expect some unexpected lover/partner to be spoutin’ up from across the universe. Mercury conjuncts Pisces’ mystical ruler Neptune at 0 degrees Pisces on February 13th, Valentine’s Day eve, with the Moon in Scorpio. I think water, water, everywhere, but only booze to drink. I’ll be doing my “Blue Valentine” show if you need me… (Stay in touch?)

Mercury starts marching through Aries on March 2nd, before sunrise. Usually, this would mean “let’s start something.” But first, let’s look deeper and get more details… Mars, the ruler of Aries, resides in Virgo, while Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, enters Aries. This situation, called “mutual reception,” is usually good. Except, in this case, Mars is retrograde ’til mid-April. The “April fool” is one who jumps too hastily (Aries-like) to or for a clue or some baited situation. You’re in the perfect position to “play the fool”! It’s okay. We all have to do it sometimes, right? But it’s only fun if you get paid. Oh, oh… It gets worse. Mercury retrogrades back toward Pisces on March 12th, a few days after the Full Moon in Virgo during Pisces on March 8th (your half birthday), and stays retrograde until dawn on April 4th. As long as you do the “straightening out,” things could/should start to return to normal, starting around mid-April. You(’ll) have lots of help comin’ in right around then, and the “hay” come$ in May. The last week of May is full of questions about that indiscretion that you’d rather not mention, so be discreet the next time you/we meet. Hint: A Gemini is always askin’ the question “why?”

Take it home alone in June. When you’re feeling social once again, invite your friends over for a party/gathering at your house and show ’em what you’ve been up to and accomplishing on your own home front. Try not to get too cocky as Mercury graduates into the sign of Leo, your 12th House of “self-undoing,” as summer begins. Your ego will be tested and you’ll have a good year — or you won’t, depending on how you vote. You are your only judge and your harshest critic.

Just to spice it up, during Mercury’s run through egotistical Leo it retrogrades again for 3 weeks, from July 14th ’til August 8th, and then transits Leo ’til Friday, August 31st; the Full Moon in Pisces. Two weeks later, you’re born again in a BIG and lucky way during the Cazimi New Moon in Virgo on the evening of September 15th. I’ll explain it to you when we get there. It’s real cool.

As a Virgo, you are THE GUTS of the body. Maybe it’s not as romantic as the heart of Leo, but it’s just as important.

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