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The Good

Europe Says No to GMO A couple high profile GMO labeling initiatives narrowly failed at the polls this month. There was, however, a sparkle of good news about the anti-GMO movement. The European Union’s Environmental Committee determined that member countries of the EU have the legal right to ban GMOs in basically any way, shape or form. The approved text would entitle member states to pass legally binding acts restricting or prohibiting the cultivation of GMO crops even if they have been authorized at EU level. They could also ask, when a new GMO crop is being assessed at EU level, to adjust the geographical scope of the authorization.

European countries generally ban GMOs and this furthers the restrictions. Earlier this year, Monsanto announced they were in effect pulling up stakes and were no longer trying to promote GMOs in Europe. Bayer and Syngenta are still trying.

It’s important to realize that GMOs are an economic disaster for the American farmer. All of our major markets overseas are banning GMO corn, wheat and soy. It’s like American agriculture and American consumers are living in a bubble: while the rest of the world is renouncing GMOs, we plug along with a losing franchise.

Mickey D’s Says No to GMO, too. The largest commercial potato producer, Simplot, announced that our ever-vigilant USDA has approved their new genetically modified potato. Called the Innate, it won’t brown after cutting and most significantly, doesn’t produce as much acrylamide when fried, as in French fries. Acrylamide is the cancer-causing agent that appears when foods are fried and Simplot found a way to decrease that phenomenon. Simplot was McDonalds’ major supplier of potatoes for French fries but Mickey D says no to the GMO version, worrying that it will confuse consumers. But who’s running those think tanks for the GMO guys? Can you hear them in a brainstorming session on what genetic trait to go for next? “Hey, let’s go for lowering a chemical in fried foods that causes cancer!” Sounds good until you realize that trying to make French fries into a health food is like using organic soap in the showers at Dachau. If you’re eating at McDonalds and dining on French fries, a little acrylamide is the least of your worries. As Charlie Sheen once said, “Plan better.”

The Bad

Boomer Sooner Fracking Backers. Congratulations Oklahoma! Your football team may have dropped off the face of the earth (alongside Nebraska’s) but at least Oklahoma has a new national title to celebrate. This year the state passed California and became the number one state for earthquakes and by a wide margin. Unbelievably, thousands of miles from the Pacific Rim and its Ring of Fire, Oklahoma now has more earthquakes than the Golden State. That’s right. In the first half of 2014, the Sooner State racked up 191 medium quakes to only 71 for California. A study in Science magazine found that fracking is linked to a swarm of 2547 small quakes near Jones, Okla. alone. Property damage, injuries and upheaval are increasing exponentially. During a 30 day period ending November 17, Oklahoma recorded 137 earthquakes of at least 2.5 magnitude. How can a society, a government or any individual believe that fracking and what we’re doing to the planet is a good thing in the face of news like that?

The Ugly

Heads will roll. It’s a ghastly and inhuman action and the criminal crazies currently on the political stage in the Middle East are making the most of it. What is uglier is the lack of perspective that our leadership has. The extremist rabble in the news and on YouTube channels has paraded innocents before the camera a half-dozen times already this year. But their barbaric slayings are far overshadowed by the daily actions of one of America’s so-called allies in the region, Saudi Arabia. That Arab state, which the United States supports with money, guns and lawyers, has beheaded 59 people thus far this year. Some have been executed for witchcraft or public dissension with government policy. And Saudi Arabia takes it a step further: after execution, the body is raised on a pike with the head wrapped in plastic, suspended above. Now, granted, the terrorist groups are undoubtedly murdering many more than those shown on CNN, but we’re not pretending to be friendly with them as we are with the Saudi state.

What is really hard to understand is why we continue to provide a platform for public exposure of terrorist acts. If I post a video on YouTube with a Beatles song, YouTube censorship ‘bots pull it within minutes. If I do it a second time, my account is closed. Why the hell can’t we just pull the plug on the internet in those countries? Blow up a few cell towers and how the hell can the bad guys upload videos or get on the internet to recruit new members? At the least let’s tell our diplomats to stop dining with the devil.

Be well.

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