The Good

Perdue Chickens Lead the Flock. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? For Perdue Farms, the third largest chicken producer in the country, it all starts with eggs. You gotta hatch ‘em before you can raise them into chicken nuggets. In Salisbury, Md., the Perdue hatchery there processes 1 million eggs a week. And Perdue operates 15 hatcheries around the country. Each one of the eggs gets poked with a vaccination needle so the chicken embryo inside is safe from a common virus. In the past, that needle also injected an antibiotic. But since the livestock industry uses more than 80 percent of all antibiotics sold, they are the major factor in creating antibiotic resistant bacteria which threaten humans. So the Center for Disease Control is telling the industry to stop it. Very few are complying but Perdue Farms is. This is a huge step and may be a positive tipping point in food production. CEO Jim Perdue says consumers care more about how their food is produced and responsible practices are part of the mix. Two chicken wings “up” for Perdue.

No GMOs for Euro Chicks Stickin’ with chicken, good news has emerged from Germany. The major grocery chains in Germany have demanded that European chicken producers stop feeding GMO feed to chickens. The German Poultry Association of growers had unilaterally gone back to genetically modified feed for chickens. The grocers said, “Not so fast.” By consensus, the stores demanded that all GMO feed for chickens be phased out by January 1, 2015. In addition, the coalition began drafting demands to extend the GMO feed ban to include livestock feed for pork, dairy and beef. The GMO battle is being won in Europe.

Human Immune System Conquers Ebola It’s no doubt that the Ebola virus, identified just 38 years ago, is a nasty bug. Any hemorrhagic disease is ghastly to envision. Scurvy, a nutritional deficiency, left sufferers bleeding from the eyes, mouth and nose before succumbing to their bodies basically dissolving from lack of collagen. The good news about Ebola is the immune system can beat it. Consider this: in the worst possible conditions, the health care systems of the most deprived nations in the world, survival is about 50 percent. I find this amazing… and amazingly underreported and underemphasized. If half the infected can survive with the poorest medical treatment allopathic medicine can provide, then how many would survive if they actually got therapies that enhanced and strengthened the immune system? Traditional forms of ayurvedic and Chinese medicine rely on boosting the anti-pathogen part of the body rather than attacking the biological threat. Build up the internal army and it can withstand the invader. There are a number of natural solutions to do just that. New pharmaceutical drugs aren’t the answer. Of four persons who contracted Ebola then received the experimental drug Z-Mapp, two survived. That’s back to the 50 percent mark. Western medicine has to look toward improving the body not attacking the germ.

The Bad

Bottled Water is Bad There’s no better way to put it than that. If there is a good reason to buy bottled water, I’d like to hear it. So would 80,000 farmers in California. If you’re drinking Dasani, Arrowhead, Crystal Geyser or Aquafina, it likely was pumped out of the aquifer or streams of California, a state in the middle of the worst drought in recent history. All those companies bottle in California. In addition to the insult of paying premium prices for plain tap water in a plastic bottle that will take a few billion years to degrade, if you buy that water, you’re taking valuable irrigation from the largest fruit and vegetable producing state in the nation. Almond farmers in the Central Valley are plowing under decades-old groves because they simply don’t have the water to keep the trees alive. Look, there is a better way. Carry a re-purposed bottle that you can refill from your own tap or reverse osmosis system at home. You can rent an R/O system from Futuramic Products on Saddle Creek for less than $19/mo.

The Ugly

British bobbies went after the parents of a five-year-old cancer patient when the parents opted not to let doctors blast radiation into their child’s head to kill a tumor. They fled to Spain to seek another option. The problem here is that police and courts act on the say-so of doctors who ascribe to the “my way or else” medical opinion. Protecting children is one thing. Abrogating common sense and parental rights is another. It’s just plain wrong to grant so much sway to a profession or methodology that changes right and wrong from week to week. One week Drug A is good. The next week it’s withdrawn and bad. Medical procedures and opinions that were gospel one day are heresy the next. Same thing happens over and over. Doctor is not spelled G-O-D.

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