Our slow future

Get ready to watch things happen very slowly for a long time

Slow television is about to find an audience in America thanks to streaming television. Odd though it may seem, some people enjoy television shows that consist of nothing in particular, such as the video from a long train ride, or the unedited process of roasting an animal, or other time-consuming activities where nothing changes very quickly. The most famous of this, of course, is videos of Christmas fires burning, which even today find audiences during Christmas.

But tomorrow’s slow television stations will give viewers the opportunity to watch all sorts of things in real time. Audiences will be able to watch boat trips, long walks in the woods, and even groups of dogs at play. Many will find the less that happens in the video, the more they enjoy it. Some viewers will enter an almost meditative state watching things like the rise of the tides and the slow melting of ice cubes. There is a future to broadcasting, but there won’t be a lot happening in it.

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