That old game

Old-timey sports in tomorrow's headlines!

As America’s appetite for sports increases, there will be a new, streaming sports station that specializes in old time sports. The first sport broadcast will be baseball, the American classic, played with the rules, customs, and costumes of the mid-1800s. Soon will follow vintage football, played with leather helmets and more rough-and-tumble rules. Most popular will be bare-knuckle boxing, a bloody and long-lasting sport that can go for hours, as will Civil War-era wrestling.

While these games will never eclipse the popularity of modern sports, they will develop a small but devoted cult audience, and superstars will emerge from the games and become world-famous, even outside vintage sports circles. Additionally, the channel will revive interest in long-forgotten cultural games, including various Viking sports and an early version of soccer that involves kicking a (simulated) human head around a field.

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