The End of Drunkenness

Say goodbye to your favorite drink.

Drunkenness will soon be a thing of the past. Even now, scientists are creating new chemicals that will make it impossible for an alcohol drinker to experience drunkenness, no matter how much he or she consumes. This will initially be developed for use on alcoholics, but soon will become generally popular, as parents give it to children, adults to the very elderly, prison guards to prisoners, and the like. The chemical will very much be a tool of control — those who have will maintain their ability to enjoy alcohol, while denying it to those that have not.

As a result, other intoxicants will grow in popularity among the underclasses. Opioids, already a national problem, will become an epidemic, as will use of homemade drugs. Our future may not be drunk, but will nonetheless be destroyed by intoxication.

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